Beaded Findings
Create your own custom findings.

Beaded Toggle


Create your own custom clasp using a beaded loop and toggle.


Seed beads


1) Attach a beaded loop to your project first - this will determine the size of the toggle.

2) Secure a stop-bead to a comfortable length of thread. String an even number of beads, long enough to span the widest part of the loop, then add two more beads.

3) Using peyote stitch, create a panel that is five rows across. Remove the stop-bead. Secure and trim the tail.

4) Use the working thread to zip-up the panel and form a tube. Weave through the beadwork and exit a bead stack on the opposite side.

5) Pick up three beads, and stitch down into an adjacent stack to form a picot. Pull tight.

6) Stitch back up to exit the next bead stack, and repeat step 5.

7) Stitch up and exit the remaining bead stack. Pick up two beads.

8) Stitch through the top bead of each picot, then back through the second bead added in step 7. Pull tight.

9) Retrace the thread path through the three beads again to add strength.

10) Stitch down through a picot, following the thread path, and weave through the tube to the other side.

11) Repeat steps 5-9, then secure the thread and trim.

Beaded Cone


Create a custom cone in the size and color that best suits your project.

1) Measure your beadwork to determine the appropriate circumference for your cone.

2) Create a bead ladder of the same measurement that is two beads high.

3) Stitch the ladder into a ring, and exit at the top.

4) Pick up two beads, and stitch under an adjacent thread bridge. Pull tight.

5) Stitch up through the last bead added and pull tight.

6) Pick up one bead, and stitch under the next thread bridge.

7) Continue adding beads using brick stitch, until you reach the first bead added in this round.

8) Step-up through the first bead, then stitch back down through the previous bead to form a bridge. Step-up again to add the next round.

9) Continue adding rounds of brick stitch, decreasing every third round. To decrease, skip the first thread bridge at the start of the round, and stitch under the next bridge.

10) When the tip of the cone is the desired width:

  • Secure the threads with a few knots and trim.


  • Secure the tail thread, then stitch down through the beadwork with the working thread. Exit the bottom of the cone. Add fringe, picots, or other embellishments. Secure excess thread and trim.