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1) Attach a stop-bead to a comfortable length of thread, leaving a 6 inch tail.
2) Pick up an even number of beads, equal to the desired length of the bead.
3) Create a panel of flat peyote stitch with your desired pattern.  Fold the beadwork into a tube periodically to check the width. 
4) When the panel is the desired width, fold the beadwork so that the edges are side by side, and the working thread is facing you.  The edge with the working thread will be refered to as Side One.
5) Stitch through the first raised bead on the opposite edge (Side Two) from the working thread and pull tight.
6) Stitch through the next raised bead on Side One, and pull tight.
7) Continue zig-zagging across, stitching through each raised bead until you exit the tube on the other side. 
8) Stitch back down into the beadwork through an adjacent bead and secure the thread.  Trim the excess.
9) Remove the stop bead, secure the tail thread in the beadwork and trim.

Tip: To hide and protect the threads along the edges, make picots.  Your peyote panel must have an even number of rows across.

Begin from Step 7 above:

1) Pick up 3 beads, and stitch down into the bead to the left of the working thread.  Pull tight.
2) Stitch up through the next bead to the left, exiting the beadwork.
3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all the bead stacks are covered with picots.
4) Secure threads in the beadwork and trim.