Mentorship Program

The SAGE Executive Board is proud to announce our new mentorship program!!!

The Mentor will...
...generally be someone who has been in the club or at CU for a while
...offer guidance to the mentee through their infinite wisdom, such as knowledge of difficult scholarly subjects, the CU Campus or life in general the mentee at least once a week to make sure they are doing well

The Mentee will...
...generally be someone who is newer to the club, campus and/or college guidance from the mentor when necessary

Both mentor and mentee wil encourage each other...
...not to buckle under the stress of college participate in SAGE whenever possible

The mentorship program is completely informal and should be a fun and exciting venture to meet new people and support each other as we navigate through the gauntlet that is college engineering. We will match mentor-mentee pairs by major where possible.

—The Sage Executive Board