Modeling Packages


Starting or Updating a Model Portfolio:

Model photos are used by top agents for “Comp Cards” and Web portfolios.  Agency shoots run well over $500 or more per set, however, if the model can provide their own images that are free of copyright, are marketable, and print (a must) well they can save thousands.   Often models try "Time For" (TF) shoots and end up with fun, artistic, or even poor quality images that fall short as it pertains to getting them work.  We understand the industry, how to place you in a photo, and what your agent will use to get you noticed.

A strong portfolio will have at a minimum 4 good looks such as fashion, glamour, fitness, lifestyle, swimwear, product and headshots.

Package – what you get:

A set is defined by the outfit, location, and theme.  Each set includes 5 final post processed images in an 8X10 and 4X6 print copy, plus a CD.  We may shoot 100 proofs per set; you pick the final images you like.  You may also keep the proofs of the set you purchase, depending on the number of images taken (not to exceed 100 photos).  Also, each shoot will include a photographer copyright release.

Keep in mind a modeling agent will only use 1 image of the same feel, so you may have 10 lifestyle (with the same shirt on) shots you just love but only 1 will be allowed in your port for clients to pick from.  

Price – what you pay:

Booking Cost = $75.00, paid at booking and is non-refundable.

Set Cost = $50.00, paid when you pick up your CD and prints.  All sets are “Satisfaction Guaranteed” – if you don’t like the set you don’t pay for it.  Example, during a Saturday shoot we may change themes (outfits) 4 times; we shoot fashion, lifestyle, fitness and headshots.  You look over the proofs and decide you only want your headshots and the fitness images, therefore you only pay for two sets ($100) when you pick them up.  If you don't like "any" of the images you have no additional costs <never had that happen>.

Plus - If money is a problem, hit me up with a trade offer.