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Rate, Contact, or Order a Print:
  • You can figure an hour rate of $75.00 as a general guide for pricing.  All images come with a free, High-Res DVD, which means you can print them  anywhere you like.  Images are also available on the web for friends and family to download.  We don't charge any travel fees or multiple location fees within 45 miles of Salt Lake City.
  • Work Shops and Time For (TF) shoots are available on a case by case request.  We love to do creative artistic work, so feel free to ask.
  • Email me,  the name of the image you want to purchase along with shipping instructions.  In order to ship FedEx I need both a street address -- no PO Boxes please -- and a telephone number.  Please note that 5% of the total amount will be added to your bill to cover shipping and handling.
  • Contact for print pricing.