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Gardening Journal

Sage & Snow Garden Club members Arlinda McLaughlin ( and Jeanne Brown ( collaborated to create a gardening journal template.  The contents of this journal are derived primarily from Arlinda's extensive gardening experience in Pinedale, WY.  Jeanne's contribution was that of developing easy-to-use MSWord tables.  You can find the MSWord Gardening Journal template in the Attachments section below.  The journal works best if first Downloaded to a local computer.  It can then be printed and filled in with pen/pencil or updated electronically.  Opportunities for improvement are welcome anytime, although we respectfully request that you try to use the journal in it's current form before making suggestions, so we can base improvements on practical application.

We sincerely hope this becomes another important tool in your gardening basket.

DISCLAIMER: Suggestions and recommendations contained in this gardening journal are based on the observations and personal experiences of long term gardeners in the region.  They are in no way a guarantee for specific results as variables such as weather and soil composition, are not predictable or controllable.

Jeanne Brown,
Jul 20, 2011, 4:29 PM