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Prime Minister of India Exposes Husband of Sagarika Ghose and Barkha Dutt

Prime Minister of India Exposes Husband of Sagarika Ghose and Barkha Dutt


    Sagarika Ghose
     (born 8 November 1964) is an amateur Indian journalist, author and television anchor. She has been an amateur journalist in India since 1991 and has worked at The Times Of IndiaOutlook magazine and The Indian Express. Even after decades of trying her luck with journalism she has not be been able to be become a professional journalist as of 2015. She may soon be recognized as one and the only one journalist in the history of journalism who remained an amateur journalist throughout the entire career. This site is a case study for students of journalism on how not to be a journalist.

    This site also attempts to gather public opnion on whether Sagarika Ghose is racist and a biased journalist or is she just doing her job as a news reporter and an editor. Therefore, feel free to participate in the poll below to voice your opinion

    Tweets of Sagarika Ghose - Following are some of the tweets which were posted by Sagarika Ghose on 29'th Jan 2011.

    In western countries such racist slurs tantamount to hate crime, however in India, people tend to be forgiving and ignore such behavior.

    Criticism on twitter

    CNN had in the past fired one of its journalist Octavia Nasr based on a controversial tweet, however Sagarika Ghose continues to serve as the deputy editor and prime time anchor on the news network CNN-IBN.Many people have speculated that she enjoys the protection offered to her by her husband Rajdeep Sardesai who is editor-in-chief of CNN-IBN.

    Explosive Zee News Expose of Anti National Sagarika Ghose and her Husband Rajdeep Sardesai

      According to this Zee News report these two are anti nationals. Therefore, Indian patriots should ask the government to charge them with treason and sedition before they cause further damage to the integrity of India.

      YouTube Video

      Latest Rants of Sagarika Ghose and her Husband Rajdeep Sardesai

        Updated - 09/14/2015

        Shameless Sagarika Ghose is obsessed with urination, defecation and genitals. Here is a tweet from Sagarika Ghose on 12 September 2015 where the potty mouth Sagarika Ghose is comparing those who disagree with her to stench from urinals.

        On 10 September 2015, she professed her love for the warm blood of innocent animals. Like a vampire, she mentioned that she likes to drink blood and eat meat of innocent animals.

        No wonder, her dog nemo looks so afraid in the pictures below as she may dig her canine teeth to suck the poor animal dry of blood. She is almost strangulating the dog in this image.

        Here is the video of her husband Rajdeep hitting people in New York after he got offended as people were yelling slogans like Rajdeep murdabaad Rajdeep Murdabaad. LOL! Both these husband and wife are jokers of highest degree. It will be interesting to see how their kids (pictured above) turn out to be.

        YouTube Video

        Here is the Zee News Report exposing Rajdeep Sardesai's true intentions behind beating Modi supporters in New York. According to Zee News Rajdeep Sardesai is ANTI NATIONAL. If he is anti national, shouldn't he be charged with Treason ?

        YouTube Video

        Updated - 11/30/2013

        Insult to Indian Men once more - Sagarika Ghose is a very opinionated person when it comes to Indian men. Last year we had reported that Sagarika Ghose had mentioned that Indian men are ugly. Here is another article that Sagarika Ghose had written in her youth related to sexuality of Indian men. 

        Credit for Exposing Sagarika Ghose goes to Shri Suresh Nakhua (Twitter Handle @sureshnakhua

        Added - 02/08/2012

        Insult to Hindus - Sagarika Ghose made fun of hinduism by generalizing BJP as "Gau Mata Party". Please refer to her below insulting tweet mocking BJP. In the process she did not even realize that the sacred animal she is using to promote her hidden agenda is one of the most revered animal in Hinduism. There is a reason why Cow is referred to as "Gau Mata". Verses of the Rigveda refer to the cow as Devi (goddess), identified with Aditi (mother of the gods) herself. Sacred Cow is much bigger than any party or individual.

        Added - 02/04/2012

        Here is the husband of Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai openly abusing people on Twitter

        Added - 09/19/2011

        Sagarika Ghose manipulated the tweet of Rona36 to support her agenda of defaming BJP and its senior leaders.


        She profusely apologized when she was caught and confronted by the original tweeter. Here is what she had to say after she was caught.

        It now seems that it has become a habit of Sagarika Ghose to first commit blunders and then post apologies. After these repeated mistakes, one wonders why these mistakes are committed only to show opposition in bad light, did she ever commit mistakes while reporting news on Gandhi Pariwar? 

        Added - 03/06/2011

        Ms Ghose doesn't seem to cease behaving eccentrically on twitter. This section will feature her latest adventures oops misadventures. So, keep checking it frequently -

        Ethics of Journalism and Sagarika Ghose - Poles Apart (Added 02/12/2011)

        Here is an analysis on ethics of journalism and how Sagarika Ghose and her husband's channel CNN-IBN flout them regularly.

        1) Standards and reputation

        Among the leading news organizations that voluntarily adopt and attempt to uphold the common standards of journalism ethics, adherence and general quality varies considerably. The professionalism, reliability and public accountability of a news organization are three of its most valuable assets.

        Being deputy editor of CNN-IBN, Sagarika Ghose has shown little professionalism, reliability and public accountability. She is the one who coined the term Internet Hindus to refer to the tribe of people who have an opinion different from hers. Here are some of the tweets from Sagarika Ghose on the same - Internet Hindus want to `Islamise' Hinduism: they are enamoured of the extremist version of Islam.  Another one goes like this - Internet Hindus are like swarms of bees. they come swarming after you at any mention of Modi Muslims or Pakistan! . Using such demeaning phrases for the hindu majority of india is shocking.
        Having read all these tweets, one wonders how CNN would have reacted when one of its top notch journalists like Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer would have tweeted about Internet Christians on twitter but Rajdeep Sardesai who owns CNN-IBN seems to be least bothered about what his wife has been doing to their family owned channel. One must say the quality of news, journalists and professionalism exhibited by CNN-IBN is substandard than that of CNN.

        Screenshots of these tweets -

        2) Campaigning in the media

        One particularly controversial question is whether media organizations should endorse political parties or candidates while debunking others. Political endorsements create more opportunities to construe favoritism in reporting, and can create a perceived conflict of interest.

        Sagarika Ghose has been openly critical of the main opposition party of India - Bharatiya Janta Party and some of its friend organizations like RSS. Here are some of her tweets making fun of RSS and BJP - The RSS-oriented Twitter brigade is so predictable! Attack congress, they applaud, attack BJP they abuse and scream blue murder.  Down with liberals, down with minorities, down with cong-media, shout Internet hindus/rss twitter brigade. Day in day out the same refrain. Nothing has been proved in courts till date regarding involvement of hindu organizations in some of the terror incidents that have happened in India in recent years but nonetheless CNN-IBN has been jumping on conclusion calling it "saffron/hindu terrorism" and running programs on it. Here is what Sagarika Ghose had tweeted - Are we in denial about `Hindu'/saffron/right wing terror? FTN 10pm.

        With so much hatred against the main opposition party and its allies one wonders if CNN-IBN has sold itself to ruling party, become a mouth piece of it, giving little coverage to scams and short comings of the government.

        Screenshots of these tweets -

        3) Taste, decency and acceptability

        Audiences have different reactions to depictions of violence, nudity, coarse language, or to people in any other situation that is unacceptable to or stigmatized by the local culture or laws. Even with similar audiences, different organizations and even individual reporters have different standards and practices. When certain distasteful or shocking material is considered important to the story, there are a variety of common methods for mitigating negative audience reaction. Advance warning of explicit or disturbing material may allow listeners or readers to avoid content they would rather not be exposed to. Offensive words may be partially obscured or bleeped. Potentially offensive images may be blurred or narrowly cropped. Descriptions may be substituted for pictures; graphic detail might be omitted. Disturbing content might be moved from a cover to an inside page, or from daytime to late evening, when children are less likely to be watching.

        Apparently, Sagarika Ghose never attended any ethics and standards of journalism class. Her tweets surpasses all limits of decency and acceptability. They are as distasteful as the demeanor of lady herself. Here are some of Sagarika Ghose's distasteful tweets - @bijutweets god was in a bad mood when he made the Indian male thats for sure.! , Notes from Bangkok airport: Indian males as a species must be the ugliest in the world! The ones on Twitter sound ugly too! , @prasannavishy you're a gutter snipe. So many angry, racist and sexist views from a deputy editor of a news network that is broadcast across the nation will have dire consequences on young minds who try find their role models watching televisions and surfing internet. Without any stern action against the said deputy editor, people will become more tolerant towards racism which is not good for the nation.

        Screenshots of these tweets -

        Anderson Cooper grilling a Journalist for insensitive tweet (Added 02/19/11)

        On 02/16/11 CNN posted on web, a 5 minutes interview of Anderson Cooper grilling Nir Rosen, the journalist who tweeted insensitive remarks about the sexual assault of CBS correspondent Lara Logan. Entire interview is available here. However, we have not seen any such interview questioning the intent of Sagarika Ghose's insensitive, racist and sexist tweets on Indian men, possibly because 

        (1) CNN-IBN is CNN's sister channel in India
        (2) Sagarika Ghose is CNN-IBN's deputy editor.
        (3) Indians don't deserve the same respect.

        Whatever may be the reason, it just shows double standards and hypocrisy.

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          All her life Ms Ghose has run polls on umpteen issues on CNN-IBN channel. Here we present a poll on the lady herself. We can only hope that one day she share these results on her show -

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            Plan to get rid of rogue journalists fooling gullible Indians (Added 03/05/11)

              Over past few months we have seen how some rogue journalists acting as a power broker are misusing their profession to sell india & sucking its resources like leeches. Some of these leeches aka journalists like Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi, Rajdeep Sardesai have become so powerful that no one has dared to take on them despite the availability of their conversation with Nira Radia in public domain. The time is ripe to get rid of these predators. Important think to note is that these are very powerful journalists. To break their power, we have to take on these journalists one at a time. Out of all these rogue journalists Sagarika Ghose is the weakest. Therefore it should be relatively easy to force her give up journalism. Force her to resign. That will automatically break Rajdeep's power into half and it would be much easier to tackle him. If a strong action is taken against Sagarika Ghose, Barkha and Vir's brazen confidence would be lost and they will be rendered powerless.