Living Healthy in the Real World
Adopting a healthy lifestyle and investigating health issues of all sorts!

This is a blog dedicated to discussing all kinds of issues which fall within the diverse range of health.  No issue is off limits!  There is so much to learn about in terms of health, and sharing information to become more knowledgeable can only serve to benefit everyone involved.  I am an avid health reader and I am taking a Nutrition for Health and Wellness course, and also frequently talk to various RD's, MD's, DVM's, health writers, students taking health programs, and ordinary people with an interest in health issues.  In my quest to live life as healthfully as possible, I'll keep you posted on my findings and interesting tidbits that I come across.  If you have any topics you'd be interested in discussing or investigating, send me an e-mail at and I'll share your comments with other readers in my next post- I'd love to chat!


Due to some complications with this website (such as all of you fabulous readers being unable to comment on any of my posts), I've got a new website up and running.  From now on I'll be using the new page instead of this one.  You can check out my blog at:  And no worries, I've got all of my previous posts copied onto the new website so you can view them there.  See you at the new site!

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