Behold! The Items you may purchase with the AP you earn in class. If you'd like to buy something, let me know! I reserve the right to change the cost of an item at any time for any reason!

  1. Music Pass (100ap) – Listen to music in singleplayer mode for a class period! *May not be used during direct instruction.
  2. Bathroom Pass (100ap) – Yes, it cost AP to go to the bathroom! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
  3. Print Pass (200ap) – Print something for class with item!
  4. Tipping Point (600ap) – On the cusp of earning the next letter grade? This item will give you the boost you need!
  5. Charge Pass (100ap) – Charge your device with this item. It's an extra 50ap if you borrow one of my charges!
  6. Locker Pass (100ap) – You can go to your locker to get something with this item!
  7. Shout Out (200ap) – Take over my Twitter and Live Tweet class with this item!
  8. Me First (100ap) – Have your Quest graded first with this item!
  9. Key (300ap) – Level closed? Unlock it with this item!
  10. Lunch Bunch (100ap) - Join me for lunch on Wednesday, won't you?
  11. Slander (150ap) – Surprise a Guild by changing their name to something better!
  12. Misnomer (200ap) – Been slandered? Change your Guild's name with this item!
  13. Cena (150ap) - Surprise a Guild by changing thier entrance music to something better!
  14. Purge (150ap) – Take XP away from a class on the leaderboard!
  15. Forgiveness (300ap) – Didn't complete a quest on time? You can turn it without a penalty with this Item!
  16. Extend-O-Matic (300AP) - Extend a due date with this Item!
  17. XP Booster (200ap) – Boost any Quest's XP by 10%! *Bonus XP can't be higher than max Quest XP.
  18. Pen (50ap) - Forgot a pen? Have one of mine.
  19. Paper (50ap) – Forgot Paper? Have some of mine.
  20. Shuffle (100ap) - Don't like your randomly select order for a Quest? Go back into the pot with this Item.
  21. Tribute (150ap) - Don't like your randomly select order for a Quest? Select a Tribute to go in your place!