Here you will find all of the Achievements that you can earn this year. Please, note: 1) Achievements will be given out on Schoology and spendable AP is tracked on the Leaderboard. (2) There are quite a few Achievements and only one of me. If I forget to award you an Achievement or there is a discrepancy in AP, come see me and/or kindly remind me. (3) Secret Achievements will remain hidden until someone unlocks them. After someone unlocks them, they will be displayed for all to see, but only some will be repeatable. (4) I reserve the right to add, remove, or change Achievements or AP at anytime, as I see fit.

Solo Achievements

  1. 1up! (25ap)- This Epic Quest grade was better than the last! 
  2. Above&Beyond! (50ap)- You successfully completed a Free Play! 
  3. Action Hero! (50ap) - You productively contributed to N.O.M.A.D. this ACT. 
  4. Brainac! (25ap) - You successfully completed our Level on Growth Mindset!
  5. Come At Me, Poe! (50ap) - You survived our unit on Dark Romanticism.
  6. Demo Slam! (10ap)- You put on a great demo slam!
  7. Early Bird! (25ap)- You handed in your Epic Quest at least 24 hours early! 
  8. En Fuego! (50ap) - You got A's on your last three Quests! 
  9. Expert! (50ap)- You've achieved expert level status on a topic! 
  10. Holden Strong! (50ap) - You let Holden tell you everything!
  11. Narrator! (50ap)- You posted a well written summary on the events of N.O.M.A.D. in the discussion area for your classmates!
  12. Puritan Power! (50ap) - You survived The Crucible level of class!
  13. Quest Creator! (50ap)- You created a Quest that was so awesome I added it to a Level!
  14. Screencast Master! (25ap)- You made a great screencast that helps teach others how to do something awesome you did!
  15. Sharp Dressed Log! (25ap)- You made your Quest Log look awesome!
  16. Taken! (50ap) - You have a certain set of skills that you've used to help a peer!
  17. Thoreauly Impressed! (50ap) - You fought your way through Transcendentalism and Fight Club Level! 
Guild Achievements

  1. 1up! (25ap)- Your Guilds Epic Quest grade was better than the last!
  2. Above&Beyond (100ap)- Everyone in your guild successfully completed a Free Play!
  3. Best in Show! (50ap)- Your Guild Quest was voted best in show by your peers!
  4. Cross-Curricular! (25ap) - Your Guild got cross-curricular on a Guild Quest!
  5. Curators! (50ap)- You used social media to get support from an expert on a Guild Quest!
  6. En Fuego! (50ap) - Your Guild got A's on your last three Quests! 
  7. Nerd Herd! (50ap)-  Your Guild produced something that teaches someone how to do something.
  8. Outside the Slide! (25ap) - Your Guild gave a presentation that didn't use slides!
  9. Philanthropists! (50ap)- Your Guild used a creation to raise money or awareness for a worthy cause!
  10. Twitter Bomb! (50ap) - You or a Guildmate did something so awesome I had to Tweet it!
  11. Vox Populi! (25ap)- You created a documentary or movie trailer that captured learning during a Guild Quest!
Class Achievements!
  1. Mission Accomplished! (10ap)- A Raid Team in your class has successfully completed a Raid!
  2. Squared Away! (25ap)- Your class left the classroom clean and organized! 
  3. Unity! (50ap!) - Everyone in class complete all the Quests in a Level! 
Mega Achievements!
  1. Iron Bladder! (250ap)- You didn't go to the bathroom all MP!
  2. Always Here! (100ap)- You didn't miss a class this MP!
Secret Achievements

  1. Family Matters! (10ap)- Someone came to represent you on B2S Night because they know education is a Family Matter!
  2. Clue! (25ap)- You found a Clue related to N.O.M.A.D and posted it to the discussion area!
  3. Sleuth! (25ap)- You solved a puzzle in N.O.M.A.D!
  4. Full House! (10ap)- Someone came to represent you during parent/teacher conferences!
  5. Vlogger! (10ap) -  You've enhanced a Social Quest with a personal video! Awesome!
  6. Brilliant! (25ap) - You suggested an improvement to the Lab that I decided to use!
  7. Viral! (50ap) - Something you posted to a wider audience went viral.
  8. The Musical! (50ap) - Your Guild turned their presentation into a Musical!
  9. Bloop! (50ap) - Your Guild made a Blooper Reel to go along with their Guild Quest!
  10. Art Attack! (10ap)-  You created art that I loved so much I'm using it for the game!
  11. Double Take! (25ap)-  You dressed up for class!
  12. Epidemic! (25ap)- You did something so cool everyone is copying you!
  13. Crickets! (10ap)- You said something so confounding, we had to take a moment to ponder it!
  14. Game On! (50ap)- You organized an after school gathering to work on N.O.M.A.D!
  15. Put On Blast! (50ap)- You were recognized on the morning announcements for something awesome!
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