The Funeral Consumers Alliance of San Antonio, Texas, Inc. (FCASATX) is a non-profit educational and service organization, founded in 1948 as the San Antonio Memorial Society.  The San Antonio chapter name was changed to specifically contain the word "consumer" because many funeral homes in the nation  were calling themselves "Memorial Societies" to capture the unwary.  Our goals are to educate the public on end of life planning, stressing the need for preplanning, and provide education and support to help you navigate the funeral transaction with confidence.   Based on your knowledge of your rights as an individual you can become self-sufficient in making decisions about end of life planning, regardless of where you live or what your circumstances might be.  The FCA is affiliated with the National Funeral Consumers Alliance of America, a federation of funeral consumer information societies. Contributions are not accepted from the government, the funeral industry, or any religious groups.

Through our newsletter, group activities, surveys, individual consultations and presentations given to any group that wants to know about us, we keep the public informed on funeral arrangements, which offer simple, meaningful, and affordable options. Our unpaid staff of volunteers work hard to achieve this goal. Membership is open to all.

Our chapter is one that affiliates with several funeral homes, but this is not the case for all chapters.
But, everyone needs to know how to shop for the most meaningful services and reasonable prices.  Buy only what you want!! To schedule a presentation for your group call 210-341-2213.