Approved DOL, DOC & CAA Safety Auditors

Why use Safety Seal Auditors?

Because we understand safety & business
  • We care about your Customers
  • We care about your Staff
  • We care about your Business
  • We are approved by the CAA, DOL & DOC as audit providers
  • We are fully qualified NZ Accredited Safety Auditors

We are the first safety auditors in New Zealand to have completed Adventure Regulation Audits for the Civil Aviation Authority. With this experience comes an understanding of the challenges you may be facing to become compliant with these new regulations, from both a safety and business perspective. Safety Seal are also listed on the Support Adventure website


What we offer You

Accredited Safety Auditors at a cost effective price

Dean and Nick offer a diverse range of knowledge having been involved in adventure activities from their early days in the military to their current adventure tourism related business ventures that they operate today. Both are Commercially Trained Paraglider Pilots and are fully immersed in the local tourism trade. Dean also owns the local rock climbing wall in Nelson Vertical Limits. Click on Dean or Nicks profile page to read more.

If you are charging for an adventure activity then you are required under the New Zealand Adventure Activities Regulations 2011 to notify the Department of Labour. The DOL will then decide if you are required to register your business as an Adventure Activities provider and undergo a safety audit and that's where we come in. Safety Seal are accredited and recognised DOL & DOC Safety Auditors, plus members of the New Zealand Safety Council, qualified to audit your business under The Health & Safety Employment Act 2002 (amended) and the new bolt on Adventure Activities Regulations. Auditor's will be assessed as a provider by the DOL to audit your business, but they are not necessarily required to be of an NZ Accredited Safety Standard (read more....)  


Adventure Activities Guidelines and Audits

The DOL have released the Adventure Activities Guidelines for operators to understand who is covered by the regulations and as an operator what you need to know to comply (read more....) If you are covered by the regulations then you are required to have notified your details with the DOL. If you are a start up business after 31 April 2012 then you must notify the DOL before you begin operating. Please note that notification is not registration, more can be found on the Department of Labour website DOL

The DOL will inform operators if they are required to register and undergo a safety audit before compulsory registration on 1 November 2014. If you already have an existing safety audit in place by the 31st December 2012, then it may mean your operation already complies until that audit expires. If you are planning an audit before the end of the year then please talk to us first to see how Safety Seal, as recognised DOL & DOC providers can help you to stay compliant.


Health and Safety Audit (OSH)

If the DOL decide you are not required to register and under go an Adventure Regulation's Safety Audit, then it does not mean you are immune to the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2002. Your organisation will still have a duty of care and we recommend a Safety Seal Audit to demonstrate that your organisation has carried out a risk assessment analysis and taken all practical steps to protect your staff, your customers and your business.


Successful completion of a Safety Seal Audit

Upon the successful completion of the Safety Audit being signed off you will receive the Safety Seal of Approval to display and promote that your business is an Approved Safe Adventure Activities Provider (read more...)

Special Discount for Sports Clubs

The regulations do not apply to organisations that are not charging fees, such as schools or voluntary run clubs. However,some clubs may still feel they would like to follow best practice and use an audited safety management system to encourage a positive safety culture within the club. We can help your club achieve that safety standard. As active club members of our local Paragliding Club we understand the important contribution that Adventure Activity Clubs bring to society and we are happy to offer a special Safety Seal club discount. Please enquire.

Dean with group in Abel Tasman