Safer By The Shore has been Brien Sweet's outlet for original crafted songs. The music is most characterized by the honest vulnerable emotion put in to catchy melodic songs. Brien is influenced by many directions in music, but always finds his way back to 90's alternative rock and 80's new wave. In 2007 he released his debut album consisting of mostly stripped down acoustic songs, entitled Everyone We Know, Are They Listening Now?. Soon after the band "Safer By The Shore" was formed playing many of the acoustic songs as full out high energy rock tunes. After a few fizzled out live band line up changes, the name became Brien's solo studio project.

In February 2010, a brand new album of songs was comprised, completely written and recorded within the 28 day month. The album is called We Belong In The Sky. The title track sums up the overall theme of the album of "enduring the current struggles until something better comes along" with the lyrics: "We belong to something better, the greater good will prevail". This is further elaboarted in the song Where It Belongs: "Where we're wanted to be - we're there already. All in all it's where it belongs, where we belong. Trust in the Father, it's what we must endure."

Brien spent most of 2011 writing his next album, which is to be titled: Through the Darkness, We Will Find the Light. This collection of songs is about by the deconstruction of a person's mind by living in the night time and sleeping through the day. It was greatly inspired by Brien's experiences working third shift jobs and the dilapidating health he suffered from it. At the end of December, appropriately in time for the winter solstice (the darkest day of the year), the songs "Mistakes" and "Winter Solstice" were released. The songs also feature Greg? Whissel on drums, and on the latter, local legend, Charlie Christos on lead guitar and pedal steel.

In an effort to take a break from this year long album writing process, Brien starting writing a fun album in February 2012. During the month he wrote 8 new songs, incorporating influences of pop, funk, drum and bass, electronica, new wave, reggae, shoegaze, and of course rock. Deciding the collection has no complimenting features as a whole, he decided to shelve most of the songs, but use a few appropriate ones to be included on the future release of Through the Darkness...

2012 has also reestablished Safer By The Shore as a live group again. A few acoustic shows have been played with the generous aid of Jamie Hughes on bass, and Greg? Whissel on percussion from the Genuine Nokovs. Now in full throttle, a traditional electric band has emerged with J. "Rufus" Sjostrom on guitar,  Jinsoo "Dr. Acula" Kim on bass, and Rich Delmonico on drums.

Live Personnel:
Brien Sweet (2007-Present) - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Harmonica, Theremin 
Rich Delmonico (2012-Present) - Drums
Jinsoo "Dr. Acula" Kim (2012-Present) - Bass, Backing Vocals, Keys
J. "Rufus" Sjostrom (2012-Present) - Guitar

Greg? Whissel (2008-2012) - Drums, Vocals, Bass, Piano
Jamie Hughes (2012) - Bass, Vocals
Damien Rigden (2010) - Bass
Dave McKeon (2008) - Bass
Dan Ferrin (2007-2008) - Drums