Safer By The Shore is a musical journey through the trials and triumphs we've all experienced. The alternative rock sound is a non-stop roller coaster powered by gentle to explosive energy. The band is based out of Manchester NH, and led by the enigmatic Brien Sweet. 

For a few years, the project existed solely as Brien's studio only effort. The electro/acoustic album, "We Belong In The Sky" was released in 2010. Starting in 2012, Safer By The Shore became a full fledged live band featuring: J. "Rufus" Sjostrom on guitar, Jinsoo "Dr. Acula" Kim on bass, and Rich Delmonico on drums. The emerging group is at heart a straight-up rock band, but with snippets of ethereal textures and dance beats.


5/17/12 Interview with The Hippo Press

2/29/12 Radio Interview
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