High-Yield Safe Investments

Where can an investor go to find a high yield safe investment? Looking through the best search engines on the web doesn't offer much of an answer. 

You will likely find several investment offerings ranging from tax liens to real estate funds yielding 12% or more that are commonly  RightPane fine print likely suggests that the investor bears all risk associated with such  RightPane much for safety!  If you want true safety, you really are stuck with government notes, certificates of deposits  RightPane of this writing, five-year yields for treasury bills are under 2% and CDs average around 3%.For safety these days, high-yields go out the window as well.  Many investors who either need a place to stuff cash or need to ditch the volatility of the current markets are having a hard time finding the best of both worlds: a high-yield safe investment.  Would the safety of a CD with the yield of a mutual fund fit the description?I think it's a lot closer than anything else you'll  RightPane great solution comes in the form of a fixed annuity from a highly rated insurance company could be your best bet. 

Insurance companies essentially operate the same way as banks with one major  RightPane get preferential corporate tax  RightPane lower corporate tax bill is one reason insurance companies can offer better rates of returns than commercial banks.  Insurance contracts, such as fixed annuities, offer competitive rates and tax deferral while giving up almost nothing along the lines of  RightPane strong companies have very small leverage ratios in comparison to banks so they have much lower default risk than  RightPane, guaranty funds back deposits up to $100,000 in most states.  Returns in these contracts can exceed 5% in many cases with companies that have superior financial  RightPane to that the fact that annuities enable investors to defer taxes and have the interest compound over  RightPane to the Annuity vs. CD article section for detailed comparison of these two products. 

Also remember, to reach comparable safety with government backed notes of any kind, it is essential that you place your business with only the best financial  RightPane ratings for financial institutions are a critical indicator but don't stop  RightPane releases for all the major players in this industry will show which ones have continued to perform recently and which ones have  RightPane insurance companies have posted record results through 2008 and are positioned well to maintain strength and profitability during the current  RightPane little homework will reveal the companies that deserve business and will help you sleep at night. 

Annuities are not for  RightPane is a key deciding  RightPane, when you decide to take that step, the selection of the right product deserves much  RightPane Straight Talk is available to answer questions and eliminate the guesswork that goes along with such an important decision. 

Hope this information is useful for you. For more detailed information on providers, kindly refer to the Right Pane.

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