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We need all of you!

Ohio Families for Safe Birth would like to invite you to join a statewide effort to ensure that every family choosing to birth at home has access to care from a licensed Certified Professional Midwife. The coalition is guided by its executive committee which includes birth professionals, researchers and other related professionals. The executive committee answers to its board and is guided by its mission.

Sign the Endorsement (for organizations and health professionals)
By joining our coalition, you can help make homebirth safer for mothers and babies in Ohio.

Print the Ohio Families for Safe Birth Endorsement Form by downloading it here. Fill it out and mail it to our Coalition Coordinator at:

    Ohio Families for Safe Birth, 367 Carlyle Circle, Dayton, Ohio 45429

Top 5 Ways You Can Get Involved
Sign up for our action alerts and email newsletters
Connect with us on Facebook
Volunteer to host a house party (find out more - contact Eliza Kay,
Attend an OFSB event or house party
Write a letter to your state representatives in support of CPM Licensure

Attend the Midwives Rally and Lobby Day 
Sign up to attend and show your support at the next Ohio Statehouse lobby day, for a rally, march and stops at each of our State Representatives and Senators offices.