Baby Crib Safety

Having a safe baby crib is important to new mothers

Crib death does happen with no explainable reason. Insuring your baby has a good bed gives parents satisfaction knowing they are providing their babies needs. Some cribs are built with cosmetics in mind more than safety. Going with the cheapest model is not always the best. A good crib can be used for additional family members to come, or sold as a good used crib. Quality will hold its value where a flimsy light crib will probably not last long.

Great care is needed when purchasing a safe baby crib for your child. Not only will it be their bed, but also a part time playground. Depending on which country you live in, there will be safety approved decals on cribs that pass government inspection. More regulations have been introduced in the attempt to make all cribs sold safe. Check for anything sharp on the crib that the baby may be able to reach. There should be none. Is there soft items that can be chewed or swallowed? Padded corners or decorative cloth could come off easily if not properly attached. Take a few minutes to pay attention to detail.

Cribs with adjustable sides are popular. Lowered when the baby is newborn and then raised as the child grows. How ever there has been some reported infant deaths when the side has collapsed and trapped the baby. If the model you are looking at is built this way, make sure it is safety approved with the right adjustment hardware. Models that allow different mattress height also make it adaptable for different infant size. Whether you choose a wood crib or a metal crib, there is many variations and styles. Canopy top cribs come in assorted colors and sizes also. Your new baby will grow quickly. A small bassinet rocker can be used for a short period of time when they are new born. It will soon not be adequate for your baby's needs.

Make sure the mattress fits the frame properly

If you can fit 2 fingers between the mattress and the crib frame, its too small. The crib mattress should be fairly snug with the bedding on it. Too much space can and has allowed babies to get stuck or jammed in between the mattress and frame.

Check the rung width to make sure they can not get their little head stuck in between. [ 2 3/8 inches or about the size of a soda can ] Any toy attachments should be firmly mounted. Babies can have amazing little spurts of energy. How sturdy is the crib? Give it a good shake if possible or when you get it set up at home. Most mothers and parents purchase their baby's crib before they are born. Months in advance. This gives you the chance to fully inspect your baby crib for any issues.

If not happy, return it or exchange it. Other things to look for. Does it have a non toxic finish? Babies are often prone to chew on the rails. A baby crib on wheels can make moving it much easier if needed. Look to see if there is a locking mechanism for the wheels. This will prevent the crib from moving after placement. Canopies can add a nice effect for some models. If used make sure it can not fall down suffocating or injuring the child.

A good used crib sometimes fits in nicely with a remodeling of a baby room. You can save paint from the room and repaint your crib the same color.

Make sure it is a non toxic water base paint. A clear coating can also be applied afterwards. Remember not to use any products that could be harmful to your baby. Consult with sales people or knowledgeable staff where you get the product.

Where you place the crib in the room plays a big part in safety. Keep away from windows and blinds. Strings can be grabbed by the baby and have harmful results. Dressers should not be in reach of the baby. Items piled up in the crib can allow them to step up and possibly fall over the rail. Lots of cute teddy bears looks nice, but limiting to one or two is better and safer for your child. If using a baby monitor, wireless models are best eliminating the cord hazard. Babies are constantly chewing as their teeth are emerging. Note any loose items that your baby could swallow on the toys also. You are your babies life line until they can look after them selves.

A mother and child's bond is one of the strongest forces in nature. It is in our genes to protect our young. God help those that come between a mother and her child. That goes for a father and their children also. Later on in life, personalities may cause conflict between parents and siblings.