Software Download Agreement

Version 1.0.20110726
Applicable as of July 26, 2011

Notice Of File Ownership & Your Rights
Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all files hosted on this website are the property of their creator(s). By downloading and using any file(s) hosted on this website, you acknowledge that you agree to any terms that the file's creator(s) include in the downloaded file package. Also, unless otherwise explicitly stated, the file's creator(s) retain any and all ownership of any file(s) that they post on this website. By downloading a file, you acknowledge that the file's creator(s) retain full ownership of the file and that you are only being given a license to use that file. Unless otherwise explicitly stated on this website, where legally applicable, you are free to distribute and publish elsewhere any files hosted on this site, so long as you do not charge for neither the service or medium in which you are distributing such files nor the files themselves, unless an explicit written agreement is made with the file's owner(s). You also acknowledge that if you incorporate any of the source materials hosted on this website into any other work, regardless of its nature, that you will give the file's creator(s) and owner(s) credit for their source material, and that you will not charge for neither the program nor the service or medium in which you distribute the program, in which these source materials are used, unless another explicit written agreement is made with the file's owner(s) and creator(s).

Files That Are Software But Not Source Code
Some files on this website do not actually contain any source code (for example, Excel spreadsheets and binary executable download files). Except where explicitly noted, these files will still be considered "Software" for the purposes of this Agreement, and will therefore still be licensed under this Agreement.

This website is full of code files for varying purposes. Links to the appropriate pages may be found in the left-hand sidebar under the Software folder. Please, however, be aware that all files are provided on an "as-is" basis. The developer(s) of any and all files, and me, by hosting the files here, are not responsible for any losses or damages done to your system due to the files provided on this website. Use the files hosted on this site at your own risk.

I, Jeffrey Meyer, retain the right to modify, amend, or change this Agreement at any time, with or without notice. If at any time after modification, amendment, or changes to the Agreement are made you are unable or unwilling to comply with the Agreement, you are obligated to delete and stop using any and all files that you previously acquired a copy of which are licensed under this Agreement from all computer systems which you own.

Using Source Code Licensed Under the Software Download Agreement In Your Own Programs
Naturally, one of the reasons of providing source code for programs on this site is so others can use it. I simply ask that a small credit to this site and the source code's creator (which is me, Jeffrey Meyer, unless otherwise noted) be inserted somewhere in your program, and that you let me personally know some way of how to obtain a single copy of the software package using the source code. There is currently no email contact for this website; I am currently working on one. For now, until that is accomplished, place a post on the News page if the software package is free or open source itself, and if your software package is not free or open source, let me know and I will arrange some way for you to privately send me the link to the singular free copy of the software.

If you wish to enclose either most or all of an entire program into one of your own projects, you must also license your software package under the most recent version of the Software Download Agreement, and release its source code (and all dependencies) in such a way so that others have the capability to compile the program themselves. You are still required to send the owner of the code used a single free copy of your software package (see earlier in this section).

Copyright (c) Jeffrey Meyer, 2008-2011. | Software Download Agreement