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The software (and source code for said software, when available), is divided into several categories:
  • Console Programs: Applications thar tun solely in a console window, that is, a window such as the one that Windows Command Prompt opens in. 
  • Miscellaneous Code Files: This category is a catch-all for anything that does not fit in any of the other categories.
  • tbRPG: This category includes the files related to a text-based RPG project. Please note that the development of this project is currently indefinitely delayed (will be picked up once I feel I am capable of actually coding it!).
  • Windowed Applications: These are applications that are written to use a graphical-user interface (GUI) under the Windows operating system. Note that these files should work in a UNIX-like operating system with the WINE package installed (no guarantees, however, try at your own risk). These files sometimes come with source code as well, but not always.
Note that more software categories will be added as deemed necessary, and that some categiories may disappear at no notice.

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