Excel Spreadsheets

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheets hosted on this page are here because I could not find any easier or quicker way of creating a tool than making a spreadsheet. Please note that all *.xls files are created in Excel 2003 and that all *xlsx files are created in Excel 2007. No compatibility testing has been done on any of these spreadsheets to validate whether or not they will work on previous or subsequent versions of Excel (use these files on other versions than they were created at your own risk). Please note that all Excel spreadsheets are considered "Software" and are therefore made available to you under the Software Download Agreement just as all other software on this website is.

Magic The Gathering Deck Analyzer (Example): This is the exact same spreadsheet (version 0.1) of the blank Deck Analyzer spreadsheet, except that I have personally inputted one of my own decks as an example (in case even the "Help" page isn't giving you any help into where the problem you are having is coming from). Effectively, the blank sheet is the same as this one. except with the deck data deleted.

Magic The Gathering Deck Analyzer This Excel 2003 spreadsheet allows you to enter the cards in a Magic The Gathering deck and determine certain statistics about the cards in that deck. This version (version 0.1) is an empty version, ready for a deck to be inputted. 

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