Console Programs

The following programs (and associated code) are intended to run in a console window, that is, a window such as that which Windows Command Prompt runs in. These programs always will use less code to implement than the programs and applications in the Windowed Applications category do (since they require large quantities of code to implement the user interface whereas console programs do not). Some of these programs are simply "test" versions of Windowed programs to come, some are simply small programs that are targeted at the console since they do not need to be put in a user interface, and so on.

Mana Curve Generator version 0.1: This small, 51 line program computes the mana curve for a deck of Magic: the Gathering cards. A note should be made that only non-land cards should be entered into the application. The files for this program are in compressed folders; please unzip them prior to using them. 

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