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Email sent 7/6: Please check grades

posted Jul 6, 2011, 11:01 AM by Kelly Castillo

Greetings Families!

I would just like to take this time to thank you all for a great
first week.  I hope that you all enjoyed the holiday weekend.

Please remember that you can check your student's grades and
attendance using the teacher ease website.  You should have received
this log in information when you registered.  If you need assistance
accessing this information, please contact the SAEP office.

Please look to see that your child is arriving to class on time.

Also, all grades are now up to date.  Teacher ease will display your
child's current grade.  If you child has been absent (either ill or
due to vacation) please remember that he or she can make up missed
classwork by completing the assignment described on the absence page:
If this work is not made up, a zero will be entered for the day your
child is absent.  This will have a negative impact on your child's

Myth summary reports for our first project have been graded.
Grades have been recorded on teacher ease.  The answer key and graded
work can be found on the class website:

We will be having a graded notebook check tomorrow.  Those students
wishing to improve upon their current grades are encouraged to
prepare for the notebook check by making sure that all warm-ups and
class notes are completed.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
I hope that all of the students are enjoying themselves.

Ms. Castillo

Email sent 6/28: Drop off Reminders

posted Jun 28, 2011, 11:36 AM by Kelly Castillo

Hi Families! 
It was great to see all of our students again today.  
There seems to be some confusion regarding drop off time.  We had a few (very) early arrivals and several tardies today.  
Please remember that students need to be in class by 8am but cannot be in our building prior to 7:55, as there is no supervision.  
Please ask your child for the parking map I sent home yesterday if you are unsure about our location.  
Thanks so much for your help and support in this!
Ms. Castillo
PS: As you will remember from my last email, Gmail accounts were set up today, so please ask your child to share their password with you.  I also have a master list if you have any concerns.  Thanks!

Email sent 6/27: First Day of School

posted Jun 28, 2011, 11:35 AM by Kelly Castillo

Greetings Families!
I am pleased to report that we are off to a great start.  I hope that your child enjoyed their Mythbusters experience this morning.  
I would like to take this time to provide you with some additional information about this class. 
Here is our class website:
You will find the daily homework here:
If your child has a planned absence this summer, or if he or she is ill, you will need information on make-up work here:
There is also an end of summer project described here:

As some of you may know, this class has a strong focus on technology.  I am very excited to share the integration of science and technology with your students!  This summer, students will have multiple opportunities to practice new methods of data collection, information presentation, etc. using cloud technology.  

Tomorrow, we will be creating Google accounts (which includes access to Gmail)to be used in this class.  Even if you child has email account already, I am asking that they keep a separate account for this class.  In keeping with internet safety standards, students will need to share their passwords with me (which is why we will all make separate accounts).  Additionally, they will be strongly encouraged to share them with you as well.  Their first assignment will be to email you to inform you of their user name and password.

These accounts will only be used for classwork related projects this summer.  After the program is over, your child is free to keep the account open (with your permission and monitoring) or I would be happy to delete the account for you.  

We will discuss internet safety at length tomorrow in class, and I am sure that a review session at home will really help the information stick. 

If you would like more information about internet safety and how you can help monitor your child at home, you may want to visit this site:
If you child is absent tomorrow, here are the directions to make the account:
If you have any questions or concerns, or if you believe at any time that your child may be misusing technology related to this class, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Thank you all for your support as we explore new and exciting ways to bring science to our students!  

Ms. Castillo

PS: For those of you with parking and drop off concerns, please ask your student for the parking maps I made for them today.  

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