The nature of this lab course makes it very difficult to complete some assignments at home. 
Therefore, if you are absent (planned or unplanned), you will need to complete a Science Current Event to make up the points that you missed.  You will need to complete one current event for each day of class missed, and the work is due on the day you come back to class. 

Science Current Event:
  • Research and read a current (2011) science article. (You include the link to the article in your write-up in order to receive credit.)
  • Type a 3 paragraph reflection (in your own words) on the article containing the following information:
    • Paragraph one should briefly summarize the issue.
    • Paragraph two should explain the relevance of this issue. (Why should the reader consider this issue important?  Why does this matter?)
    • Paragraph three should connect this issue to science that you have learned in MythBusters or in school.  (i.e. An article about an oil spill might discuss how the food web will be disrupted, and you may have learned about food webs in science class.) 
  • Your write up will be completed using a Google Doc and must be shared with your teacher upon your return. 
Some possible reputable sources:

*If you are absent during the first two days of school, you are also responsible for creating a Gmail account and emailing your instructor from that account.  Additionally, you will need to print and sign both the syllabus and the safety contract. 

*If you are absent during the "Bust Your Own Myth" presentation for your group, a current event cannot replace this project.  You must email in your assignment as described here.