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All course documents need to be printed, signed, and returned to Ms. Castillo by the second day of class. 

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Projects and dates are estimates, please check back regularly for changes. 

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 Myth Summary Reports
This page contains the links for students to submit their Myth Summary Reports.  Each child has access to only their own page. 

"Bust Your Own Myth" Project

We will talk more about this project throughout the summer- But it's never too soon to be thinking of ideas for your topic. 

Today's Agenda
Check here for daily warm
-ups, class notes, and other items of interest.  A great place to check what you missed when absent. 

Here is an archived list of emails sent home to our Mythbusters families this summer.  
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Check your progress in class here.  Grades are updated regularly. 

MythBusters   Official Discovery Channel site for the MythBusters.  View video clips and find background information here.

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As projects, pictures, and videos from class become available, they will be posted here.  

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