Ryszard Kulesza (Poland)

The Women of Sparta (pp. 5-34)


Eduard Rung (Russia)

The Mission of Philiscus to Greece in 369/8 B.C. (pp. 35-50)

Waldemar Heckel (Canada)

“The Sounds of Silence”: A New Wife for Kassandros son of Antipatros (pp. 51-60)

Luis Ballesteros Pastor (Spain)

Eupator's Unmarried Sisters. On the Dynastic Struggle in Pontos after the Death of Mithridates V Euergetes  (pp. 61-72)

Yang Juping (China)

Hellenistic World and the Silk Road (pp. 73-91)

Sabine Müller (Austria/Germany)

Sullas Gegner, Dianas Schützling: Sertorius’ Selbstdarstellung und Nachwirkung (pp. 92-116)


Oleg Gabelko (Russia)

Two New Conjectures in the Strabo's Geography and Certain Historical Inferences (pp. 117-132)

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Vorarbeiten zu einer Königsliste Kaukasisch-Iberiens. 2. Das Zeitalter Pharasmanes´ I. (pp. 133-148)

Michał Marciak (Poland)

The Historical Geography of Gordyene. Part II: Oriental Sources (pp. 149-159)

Michał Marciak (Poland)

Natounisarokerta on the Kapros. New Numismatic Evidence from the British Museum (pp. 160-178)

Valery P. Nikonorov (Russia)

The Parade Hatchet-Klevets from Old Nisa (A Contribution to the Study of the Combat Hatchets and Their Cult in Ancient Central Eurasia) (pp. 179-232)

Robert S. Wójcikowski (Poland)

Graffito from Dura Europos and the Hybrid Armor in Parthian-Sasanian Iran (pp. 233-248)


Rachel Mairs (UK)
The Reception of T.S. Bayer’s Historia Regni Graecorum Bactriani (1738) (pp. 251-258)

Yuri N. Kuzmin (Russia)
The 70th Birthday of Miltiades Hatzopoulos (pp. 259-260)

Alexander Sinitsyn (Russia)
Ad sexagensimum diem natalis Valerii Nikonorov Pauli f. (pp. 261-268)


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DOI 10.6084/m9.figshare.10282793

Abbreviations (pp. 285-286)

Addresses of Authors (287-289)

Addendum to Jangar Ilyasov, 'The Vulture on the Bone Plaque from the Orlat Cemetery' Anabasis, volume 3, p. 127 and 160 (p. 290)

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