Sæmundr inn skærr

Who am I?

Well, that question has many answers.  Sæmundr is a 10th century icelandic who is struggling with his countries decision to convert from his old religion, to this new religion called Christianity.  Jim, also me, is a loving husband and father.  I happily and definatly am a Christian, LOL.. I am involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism and I am studying Spanish at Oklahoma City Community College.  I will decide what I want to really do when I grow up.

What is the "Society for Creative Anachronism"?

The SCA is an organization that sort of recreates the better parts of medieval Europe between the dates of 400ad to 1600ad.  There are many activities to learn and enjoy in the SCA.  Myself, I am currently studying Iceland, archery, card weaving, rapier, and poetry.  What is terrific is that it isnt like studying in school.  We actually live out these activities during events that happen throughout the year all over the country.  I live on the edges of the Canton of Skorragarðr, in the Barony of Namron, the Kingdom of Ansteorra.  Our event is currently held in November and it is called Axeman.  This is the time that our canton gets to choose its champions.  I am one of the event stewards for Axeman this year, Axeman V.  I am also currently the Arts and Science Minister for Skorragarðr.

What's with the wierd name?  Sæmundr inn skærr?  What does it mean?

Within the SCA we all choose names that would have been acceptable during that time and place that our character lived.  Sæmundr means sea gift or a gift from the sea. Inn skærr means the innocent.  One of my closest friends, a brother, in the SCA used to call me The Pure but I was never able to translate that.  However, since what he really meant was that I was pure in my heart as in no malice towards anyone.. I felt that The Innocent would apply.  Thus, Sæmundr inn skærr.
As an aside, my legal registered name name within the society is Sæmundr bogsviegir.  Bogsviegir means the archer.  When I first entered the SCA I imagined that somehow I would be a great archer.  So far, that hasnt come true.  I will stick with inn skærr.

Why are you studying Spanish?

I began studying Spanish in 2006 after returning from a mission trip to Mexico.  The mission trip was very enlightening and inspirational to me.  One of the things that I promised myself when I returned was that I would be persistent in learning Spanish so that the next time I went back I would be able to speak to all the wonderful kids I met there.  On the returning trip, it was a little better but I still have a long way to go.  Still, learning Spanish has become a big part of my life.