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Saebyuk Software is one person: Josh Senecal. Me. I'm a Computer Scientist and a resident of Livermore, California. The software here is stuff I work on in my (very limited) spare time.

What does "saebyuk" mean?

Saebyuk (if you have Korean encoding: 새벽) is a Korean word usually translated as "dawn". However it is also used when referring to very early morning, before dawn.

You speak Korean?

Certainly! I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Like many young men (and young women) in our Church I served as a missionary for two years. In my case I served in the Korea Taejon Mission, from November 1993 to November 1995. 

So why "Saebyuk Software"?

My daughter Delphine has a lot of challenges, including Autism and seizures. As a result of these (and the medication she takes) she tends to get up very early, usually between 2:30 and 4:30 AM. I frequently get up to keep an eye on her, and decided that if she was going to give me some extra time I'd better do something useful with it. So I began teaching myself Cocoa programming, because I've wanted to learn for a long time.

Most of my programming occurs in the early morning hours before dawn. Hence: Saebyuk Software.

Why screen savers?

A couple of reasons. I fondly remember many of the screen savers made for the Macintosh in the 80s and 90s, and I really liked them. I'd always wanted to make some myself, but never had the time nor the resources. Now I do.

The other reason is Ben Haller (of Stick Software) once told me that screen savers are a great way to get an introduction to a development environment and OS. So it seemed a good way to learn Cocoa.

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