So What

I used the awesome art of ©Keith Garvey
You have to buy a license to use his art
You can purchase from MYPSPTubes
I used the filter Aliens Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation
The mask i made myself and you can download from HERE

Let's Begin

Open new canvas 600x600
Flood fil white
Layers/new raster layer
Flood fill with a colour from your tube
Open the SoWhatMask in psp and minimize
Layers/new mask layer/from image
In the scrool down find SoWhatMask
Use these settings:
Layers/merge/merge group
Preset tool - ellipse
Foreground black, background null
Width 10 draw a large circle, use my tag for reference
Objects/align/center of canvas
Layers/convert to raster
Magic wand tool 0 feather
Click inside the circle
I used 4 click ok
Layers/new raster layer
Flood fill with another colour from your tube
Circle still selected
Now in the layers palette
Click on the mask layer and hit the delete button
Selections/select none
Now click on the filled circle you made
and drag under the mask
Turn the opacity down to 50
Now give the black circle rim a drop shadow
Use these settings:
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer
Making sure it is between the black circle and mask
Give it the same drop shadow as before
If there is some of the tube poking out from the outside of the circle
Magic wand
Click center of the circle but make sure the black circle is highlighted
Selections/modify/expand  i used 8
Highlight your tube and press delete
Ok now add you name and the tag line "So What!"
I used red for foreground and black for background
Stroke width 2 the font is Copperplate Gothic
Position and give your wording drop shadow same settings as earlier
Add copyright at this point also
Symmetric shape tool
Foreground null baclground black
Draw a 5 side star use my tag for reference
Layers/convert to raster
Position to one side of the tube
Layers/merge/merge down
Add drop shadow as earlier
Ok now is time to crop any excess canvas
Click on the star layer
Layers duplicate then repeat so you have 3 star layers
Ok rename these layers from the bottom s1, s2, s3
Click the little eye on the top 2 stars
Now click on s1 to highlight
Effects/pluggins/aliens skin xenofex 2/constellation
In settings small star constellation
Use these settings:
Now hide that layer and unhide s2
Click on s2 to highlight
Use the pluggin again but this time
When it opens only click the random seed at the bottom
Click ok
Now do the same for the 3rd star as you did for the 2nd
Ok next i made the guitar sparkle too
Highlight your tube
Layers/duplicate twice so you have 3 of them
Rename the t1, t2, t3
Now select the parts you want to sparkle
I used the freehand point to point for the strings of the guitar
I just drew a rectangle around it
If you want to also to the little knobs too like i did
I changed to selection tool, circle and i drew out 6 tiny circles
Holding the shift key down
If you start from the middle of the circle it will help
When they are all done
Ok now you should have all the selected area you want
If you dont please remember to hold shift down so it doesnt erase the other selections
Ok like before with the stars
Open pluggin
Settings as before
Click random seed
Do this for all 3 guitars
Selections/select none
Ok open animation shop
This is the long bit so excuse me but i find it easier to tell you all lol
Star layers only have s1 unhidden
Tube layers only have t1 unhidden
Edit copy merged
Edit/paste/as new animation
Star layers only have s2 unhidden
Tube layers only have t2 unhidden
Edit copy merged
Edit/paste/after current frame
Star layers only have s3 unhidden
Tube layers only have t3 unhidden
Edit copy merged
Edit/paste/after current frame
You will see your animation working
File/save as .gif
Name your file
Click next/next/finish
You are done!