Private Dancer

I used the very great art of ©Keith Garvey

You need to purchase a license to use his art

You can purchase from MyPSPTubes  

The Scrapkit is made by me and can be dowloaded at my scrap site

HERE it is called Satin

The mask you can download HERE 

Let's Begin


 Open new canvas 600x600
Flood fill white
Open up a paper from the kit
I used paper 3
Resize it to 600x600
Copy and paste as a new layer onto your white canvas
Open the mask in psp and minimise
Layers/new mask layer/from image
use these settings
Layers/merge/merge group
Copy and paste one of the frames as a new layer
Resize 105% all layers NOT ticked
Add drop shadow with these settings
Copy and paste a butterfly as a new layer
Resize 25% all layers NOT ticked
Position at the top of the mask in what looks like a heart
Layers/merge/merge down
Image/free rotate
Use these settings
Layers/merge/merge down
Give it drop shadow as before
Copy and paste tube on as new layer
Add same drop shadow as before
Hide the bottom layer
Merge visible
Unhide white background
Move the merged layer up a little to allow name underneath
Click on text tool
Pick 2 colours for foreground and background
I chose Red(from mask) and Black
Using the font signature
Type your name
Position so it looks like your tube
If you want to center it
Object/align/horz. center in canvas
Layers/convert to raster
Give it a drop shadow like before
Add ©copyright
Delete white layer
Merge visible
Crop any access canvas
Save as .png
You Are Done!


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