Look Of Love

I used the awesome work of ©Elias Chatzoudis
You have to purchase the art to use it
You can purchase from MyPSPTubes 
Altho i think this was an exclusive tube
I used an outside filter Mura's Meister - Copies
I have supplied the preset shape HERE
If this shape was made by you please email me and i will give you the credit that is deserved 
As i can honestly say i have no idea how i acquired it LOL
Let's Begin!
Place the preset provided into your preset shape folder
Open new canvas 600x600 pixels transparent
Preset shape tool, select the one looking like a speech bubble
In the drop down find you preset shape heart
SK Heart 09
Use these settings

Choosing 2 colours from your tube for the foreground and background
Draw out a small heart
If you hold the shift key while draw the heart will not go out of shape
Release the drawing then the shift key
Objects/align/center of canvas
Layers/convert to raster layer
Effects/pluggins/muras meister/copies
Use these setting BUT you may have to change the Numbers at the top

So that the hearts are joined in the preview
Click ok
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer
Position as desired
If you have the same tube as mine and want the lost feet effect
Follow the next part, if not skip it lol
Select you magic wand feather 0
Make sure your heart layer is active
Click in the middle
Now make sure your tube is active
Click your eraser tool
Hardness 100 opacity 100
Erase the feet outside of the selection
Selections/select none
Now give your hearts and tube a drop shadow
I used these settings

If you want to add an inner image
Copy and paste as new layer and drag under your hearts
Position as desired
Now select your magic wand same settings as before
Making sure your heart layer is active
Click in the middle
I used 7 pixel
Make sure your layer under yourhearts is active
Now hit the delete key
Selections/select none
Give this layer the same drop shadow as before
Now turn the opacity of this layer down to 40%
Now add some word art under her
I just created as i went lol
Give it drop shadow
Add your name and add drop shaddow
Add proper ©copyright
Save as .png
You are done!