A Million Love Songs

millionme1.jpg picture by strikeaposedesigns

I used the beautiful artwork of Jennifer Janesko

You have to have a license to use her artwork

You can purchase from CILM  

The scrap Kit i used is by Jaelop Designs and is called Romantic

You can download it from her site HERE 

Thank you for allowing me to use such a beautiful kit xx


Let's Begin

Open canvas 600x600
Flood fill white
We will crop later :)
Open a frame from the kit
Image/rotate right
Resize the frame 25%
Click on canvas
Edit/paste as new layer
Open paper of choice resize to 550x550
Click on canvas
Edit/paste as new layer
Now drag it below your frame
We will crop this in a sec
Open the scattered hearts
Image/rotate right
Resize the hearts 20%
Click on canvas
Edit/paste as new layer
Now drag it below your frame
But above the paper background
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer
Resize if needed and also position under the frame
Selection tool
Rectangle, replace, Feather 0
Draw a rectangle on the frame like this

Now clicking on the tube layer
Hit delete
The same with the heart layer and the paper layer
Selections/select none
Ok lets add drop shadow to the tube and hearts
I used these settings

Hide your background layer in the layers palette
By clicking the little eye so it goes red
Then click on one of the other layers
Layers/merge/merge visible
Now unhide the background layer by clicking the red bit
Open one of the ribbon bindings
Image/rotate right
Resize 25%
Now position you will have to alter the length slightly
Do this by pressing k
You will see a box appear around your ribbon
On the right side slightly move to the right so it looks like
It is going around the frame
Use my tag as reference
Once you are happy press m
Now give ribbon the same drop shadow as before
Now add the elemants you wish to use
You will need to resize them alot
Add drop shadow as needed
Add any wording you want
Add your name and copyright
Give the wording and name drop shadow as before
Crop you tag of any excess canvas
Layers/merge/merge all(flatten)
Save as .jg or .png
You Are Done!

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