About St. John "Sadler's"

Sadler's is a place where all people may experience God's love.  We are people called and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We gather for worship and learning each Sunday at 9:00 am.  Our teachings are from the Bible which we use as the basis of our life together.  Sunday morning service follows the traditional Lutheran liturgy, utilizing the "Green" Lutheran Book of Worship, with variations throughout the seasons of the church year.

The services include scripture readings, prayer, choir anthem, and sermon by Pastor Robbins. Pastor Ed preaches with energy and passion about the Good News of God's Love in words we can easily understand.  The services are filled with scripture reading, prayer and reflection, and joyous singing. A service of Holy Communion is observed on the first Sunday of each month and on major festival Sundays throughout the church year.  Special services are held on Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving Eve. 

A fellowship time with light refreshments follows the service on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.

Confirmation class as well as classes for Prospective Members are offered.
Numerous fellowship activities are offered throughout the year, including candy making, fellowship breakfasts, Easter breakfast, congregation picnic, movie nights, Christmas covered dish supper, etc. 
Cemetery plots are available.  Contact any member of the Cemetery Association listed below.

A history book of St. John (Sadler's) Lutheran Church, written by the late Elmer Orwig, is available at the church office.  A $15 donation is suggested.

A cookbook of Sadler's favorite recipes is available.  A $5 donation is suggested.

Rev. Ed Robbins

Administrative Secretary:
Helen Hoeflich

Church Council:
President: Nancy DeSesa
Vice President: Linda Trout
Secretary: Brenda Smith
Mark Paules
Mary Lou Smelgus
Lucille White
Travis Fox
Bonnie Walker
Pastor Robbins, exofficio 

  Treasurer:  Debbie Seipp
   Asst. Treas.:  Susan Daniel

Worship and Music, and Altar Guild:

Brenda Smith, Chairperson
Pastor Robbins
Susan McLaughlin
    Altar Guild:
        Linda Trout
        Jean Vaught
        Rosie Horton        
        Joyce Ryer
        Debbie Seipp    
        Mary Lou Smelgus        

Prayer Care
Jean Kahler

Christian Education:
Patty Fox
Brenda Smith

Social Ministry:
Patty Fox, Chairperson

Jerry McLaughlin, Chairperson
Joyce Ryer
Donald Walker
Bonnie Walker
Jimmy Tomek
Dave Yoder
All willing workers in God's Kingdom
Jerry McLaughlin, Fin. Sec.
Travis Fox, Fin. Recording Sec.
Nancy DeSesa, Offering Teller
Randy Blevins, Offering Teller
Mark Paules, Signator
Debbie Seipp - Treasurer
Susan Daniel-Asst. Treasurer

Rosie Horton

Randy Blevins

Phillip Orwig
Susan Jacobs
Linda Trout
Mary Lou Smelgus
(OPEN), Chairperson
Sue McLaughlin
Bonnie Walker
Donald Walker

Child Protection
Pastor Ed Robbins
Nancy DeSesa
Patty Fox
Jerry McLaughlin

Linda Trout, Chairperson
Sherrill Trimpey
Bonnie Walker, Chairperson
Donald Walker
Donna Tomek
Visitation Ministry:
Jean Kahler
Patty Fox
Sue McLaughlin
Lynn Pomraning
Bonnie Walker
Joanie Orwig
Correspondence Ministry:
Helen Hoeflich
Susan McLaughlin, Conductor and Accompanist
Brenda Smith, Music Director
Bonnie Walker
Alice Haven
Judy Jones
Bonnie Streett
Beverly Roloff
Lynn Pomraning
Jerry McLaughlin
Donald Walker
Susan McLaughlin
Jodie Myers

Cemetery Association Trustees:
President: Jerry McLaughlin
Vice President: Wade Winemiller
Treasurer: Donald Walker
Secretary: Mark Paules
Trustee:  Philip Orwig
Groundskeeper:  Jake Myers

Thrivent Coordinator:
Brenda Smith

Golf Team:
Jerry McLaughlin
Ed Absher
Jim Schwertzler
Gary Pomraning