Friends and Family of Christ serving our Lord for 229 years.

ALERT for Sunday January 19, 2020:
Due to weather conditions 
services are canceled for today.
Activities will resume as usual tomorrow.
Posted 1/19/20 at 7:35 am

We are inviting YOU and Yours to worship with us at 9AM
in the season 
of The Sundays 
after the Epiphany of Our Lord.

In these Sundays of the liturgical year our thematic emphasis is upon the light of Christ shining forth in the creation.  God, with and through this  same Lord Jesus we worship and adore throughout all the seasons of the church year, has seen the creation to be good.  In fact God delights in the creation - this is the biblical witness of the early chapters of the Book of Genesis.  At the same time, this same Bible, and in fact this same book of the Bible recognizes a brokenness, a tragedy, sin, in the creation in for example the stories told of Adam and Eve, of Cain and Able, of Jacob and his brother.   In the Gospel of John we hear that this same Lord Jesus through the world has been created is the light that comes into the darkness - our Lord is not necessarily received by his own, the darkness does stand, but it is our faith, our trust, and the witness of not only the Gospel of John but the whole church through centuries of witness that the darkness cannot overcome the light.

This light whom we celebrate comes into the world to save and redeem us NOT because we are "awesome."  We are not awesome; quite the contrary we are sinners one and all who, while we are capable of accomplishing good, are also quite capable of producing terrible deeds of violence against God (and God's purposes) and against our neighbors.  

It is God who is awesome, and in the awesome eternal love that our God is, our God seeks to redeem us, to bring us into the light and out of the darkness, to gift us the way of peace rather than violence, to encourage us into generosities rather than covetousness and hoarding, to give us love and spirits of confident strength in God rather than fear and dread about the future.  True, there are not only dark spots in the here and now but there are indications the future in this creation could become very bleak.  But in Epiphany as we celebrate the life that has come into the world in Christ Jesus, we have vision of the good and the true and the beautiful!  Come join us as together we explore the one who is the light, who bring us light, who brings us into the light and out of shadows of darkness, our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this season of Epiphany we will embrace 
liturgies of Word and Sacrament / Holy Communion on Sundays February 2 and February 23*.

*All who are baptized are welcome at the Communion Table at Saint John Lutheran Church.  We serve Holy Communion using wafers and wine with grape juice available for those who do not receive the wine; we serve by continuous table with ushers giving direction.

And as we invite YOU we want you to have some sense of the physical space which God has provided us and which we hope to share with YOU on these Sundays

On the right hand side of our church building is handicapped entrance ramp.
As you see our narthex and look into the sanctuary  there is a woman's bathroom on the right hand side and on the left there is a men's bathroom (neither are visible in this picture but they are there and we have bathroom facilities downstairs - the basement is accessible by a chair lift for any who might need, as is our upstairs office, meeting room space, and pastor's study).

WE in the photo immediately welcome
who are considering our gathering in Christ 
as a possible experience 
of faithful worship in the life of God.

Greetings and blessings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We welcome you and invite you to join us in worship and fellowship!

                   Worship Service Sundays at 9:00am           

Welcome to Saint John (Sadler's) Lutheran Church

2916 Sadlers Church Road, Stewartstown, PA  17363

Church Office 717-993-3873            Pastor Ed Robbins 724-272-2683 (cell phone)


If you are looking for a place of Christian worship in which

Ø God is known to be Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;

Ø Scripture is read and revered;

(4 readings a Sunday, guided by the Revised Common Lectionary)

Ø Hymns are sung;

Ø A wonderfully sweet sounding choir supports us musically;

Ø Confessions of sin and faith are made;

(we alternate seasonally between the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed)

Ø Holy Communion is offered typically first Sunday of the month AND on all Festival Sundays as well as first Sunday of the current liturgical season;

Ø and Worship is Guided in accord with the Liturgical Calendar and its several seasons(Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent / Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost);


we may well be the place for you to visit, explore, and consider.

We are a Liturgical Church

keeping the Church Year.

Our church has ample parking. 
The church building is accessible for those with disabilities.  
Personal hearing-assist devices are available. 
We have an active choir and we always welcome new voices.    

Currently we have Two Primary Activities

Every Sunday a Worship at 9AM

Liturgy of the Word most Sundays of the month

Liturgy of Word & Sacrament the first Sunday of the month


An Every Other Week Bible Study on Ephesians

if you are interested in the Bible Study contact Pastor Ed

at or on his cell phone 

to express your interest and make arrangements 

to pursue your interest

  Our Hands 
God's Work, Our Hands
(and Hearts and Minds and Response)