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Last Update: December 2007 

A Comparative Study of Power, Politics and Subjectivity in Psychotic Experience (2005-).  Developing a theory of power/meaning through comparative study of the relationship of local systems of meaning/culture and power/politics with content and experience of psychotic illness.

Identities in Time: Culture, Meaning and The Puzzling Turns of Turkish Politics (2006-).  Meaning oriented study of cultural and historic determinants of recent social and political transformations in Turkish foreign and internal affairs.

Harvard Multi-Site Research on Schizophrenia Onset (2005- ).  Cross-national study of schizophrenia onset and the place of culture in experience, development and help-seeking behavior during the onset phase (PI: Byron J. Good, Harvard Medical School).

American Health at the Interface of Ethnicity/Race and Citizenship: Culturally Specific Care in Changing Contexts (2005- ). Russell Sage Research project (PI: Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good, Sociology, Harvard University). Studies political dimensions of culturally specific mental health care institutions in Boston and its environs.

Schizophrenia in Turkey: A meaning-centered study of psychosis, culture and subjectivity. Doctoral Thesis Project Research (2000-2005). Studied relationship of subjectivity,  culture and psychosis. Spent twelve months in Istanbul; received clinical training in Turkish psychiatric system; collected data in form of interviews with psychotic inpatients, psychiatrists, and family members; series of focus group interviews; ethnographic content.

Cultural Consultation Service (1999-2001).  Project of creating cultural consultation services for mental health care givers in Montreal.  Qualitative and quantitative methodologies used to collect and analyze clinical case reports with ethnic minority group patients seen by the transcultural psychiatry teams at the Montreal Children's Hospital and the ICFP-Jewish General Hospital.

Marginalized Youth of Afro-Caribbean Origins in Quebec (1999-2001). Qualitative study of various social and psychological aspects of life for marginalized youth of Afro-Caribbean origins, conducted through the Montreal Intercultural Institute (Institut Interculturel de Montréal).

Psychosocial Correlates of Collective Self-esteem: A Comparative Study.  Master's Thesis Project Research (1997-1999).  Comparative study of collective identity and collective self-esteem among French Quebecois and Cambodian immigrants in Montreal. Employed Qualitative and Quantitative methodologies to assess psychological and political dimensions of social adjustment and behavior.

Community Health Promotion (1997). Received grant from the Prairie Region Health Promotion Research Centre (Saskatchewan, Canada) to carry out research on the effects of collective self-esteem on mental health among minority ethnic group members in Saskatoon.

Collective Self-Esteem and Construal of Racism.  Psychology Honors Thesis Research (1996-1997). Experimental research project in cross-cultural psychology, studying the relationship between personal self-esteem, collective self-esteem and construal of racism.

Immigrant Parenting and Social Effectiveness.  Course Development and Research (1995).  Received Grant from the Saskatchewan Council of Cultural Organizations (SCCO) to develop Parenting and Social Effectiveness Program for Immigrant and Refugee parents and adolescents.  This project entailed extensive qualitative research and interview.