About Sadakat

Sadakat is home to the world's best Turkish Angoras, in type, disposition and health.  We at Sadakat work to meet the CFA breed standard while remaining true to the breed's ancient legacy, regularly outcrossing to cats leading back to Ankara zoo imports in order to retain the wonderful head style and plush, luxurious coat the breed is known for.
The Turkish Angora is living history, and is believed to be the first longhair domestic breed.  Known for centuries for their traditional white color, many legends and stories in Turkish folklore feature this wonderful cat.  One of the only single-coated breeds, the TA is remarkably easy to care for - despite being often white and longhaired, they require only minimal maintenance on their incredibly silky coats.  A weekly combing is plenty to meet their grooming needs!  They are a robust and healthy breed thanks to their natural origin and our dediction to outcrosses to preserve that great health. 
Playful, intelligent, entertaining, and engaging, this cat is more dog than feline.  Turkish Angoras have the opposite of the "aloof" nature of many cats - a TA will want to be with you constantly, assisting you in your daily tasks.  They're surprisingly bright, and will keep you laughing as they figure out new tricks and ideas to accomplish their goals.  Turks are also known as "high" cats, which means that unlike some breeds that prefer lounging and relaxing, they are spectacular jumpers who love to view the world from above (on top of your shoulders, cabinets, fridge, etc.).  They do have a high energy level, and a great tolerance for activity, making them fabulous family pets - kids and other animals are instant playmates for a TA!
Sadakat is the breeder and owner of GC, BW, NW Sinend's Dance Anyway of Sadakat, CFA's first Turkish Angora kitten to acheive a national win, finishing as the 14th Best Kitten in the world in 2009.  We are also home of GC, BW, RW Sadakat's Hope You Dance of Sinend, CFA's most titled Turkish Angora in history.  Sadakat is recognized as producing the best Turkish Angoras in the world in both type and temperament, with over 40 Grands and 6 Distinguished Merit cats, including multiple National, Breed and Regional wins.
This site is in transition and under construction.  To contact me regarding a kitten or cat inquiry, please email sadakat_tas@yahoo.com.  We do have kittens and retired adults available.

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