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Steep Falls and George E Jack Students Chatting with Jack Dorsey

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iBoat 2013
Article about a sister iBoat, The Crimson Tide

 In late November, 2013, the
SS Scots was driven to Boston. 
Offshore fishermen took it to Georges Banks for launching

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iBoat Visits Steep Falls 
Elementary 2012

Response to the Mini Maine circling in the same location for months:

"As Dick mentioned, there are apparently  lesser-known "garbage patches" in the North Atlantic.  While I do not study the deep ocean currents, I know people who do and some of them work here in the Woods Hole community. A few weeks ago, in fact, I sent a link to the track of your boat to one of these individuals and he replied interested. So, your boat is collecting valuable data.  These are the things we discover as we put more and more boats and drifters in the water. There are specific areas of retention and there are other "highways" in the ocean where things move along quickly."   -JiM.

November 2013

ESafety Carol