04-2017 April

:o What can one say ? ..... 5 days ago a forecast of 77 degrees ending up 70'ish with a light breeze & nary a cloud in the sky ... That works !

With all our pre-planning and scheduling we hit a hick up finding us in conflict with the Black powder / muzzle loader folks during set up for the use of "Cowboy Town" from a bump they had incurred earlier in the month.
Having our leader Jim C quickly addressing this issue he/we decided to share space of "Cowboy Town" so all could enjoy the day coming to a decision they could shoot in one of the 3 bays of the CBT range.
So .... FIRE IN THE HOLE could be heard as some pretty dang loud BP guns went off threw out the morning.  Good air gun shooters nerve training ... Not !

After all the shuffling and other squabbles of the morning adjustments the membership present moved around the course set up establishing our 58 shot venue for the day .... GREAT JOB GUYS !!

By @ 9:45 we have registration done, sight in done and shooters meeting completed ... lets shoot with 25 willing and able present !
Course set was biased mid-35 troyer or in simple terms ... modestly difficult with many of the usual suspects rising to the occasion in typical form of  ;) WE GOT THIS ... leaving some to say HEY !!! what gives with small KZ's and long shots  ???

@ 1:15/ 1;30 we're winding it up and score cards are getting turned in .... Just a GREAT day with all but a single shot off string and one target won't fall protest.  For a 58 shot match We'll call that a SUCCESS !!

Starting with the smallest class to largest the cookies crumbled as follows .................

Jim P 31
Mark W 27

Gabriel L 55
Riz M 55
Kevin Y 41

Ronnie E 57/58  * Match high score
Dave C 53
Chris M 53
Fred B 42

Charlie L 42
Mark E 36
Bob K 35
Dana F 24
Darren T 13

Jim C 56
Scott Sc 49
Jessica K 48
Martin 41
Tak A 40
Mike C 40
Cameron K 40
Robb R 39
Jack C 37
Scott St 28
Ashley U 21

Afterwards we converged on the meeting hall for lunch & catching up on the mornings match.
On behalf of the Sacramento Valley Field Target Club .... WE THANK all that came out, helped set up and take down the venue !!

Jim & Scott  ;)