The Languages of South Africa


Welcome to a Culture Quest about South Africa!  South Africa is a country located at the southern tip of the African continent – hence the name South Africa! South Africa is a very diverse country with a very interesting history.  Did you know that there are 11 official languages in South Africa?  This culture quest will explore the many languages of South Africa.  The large number of languages is a testament to the rich cultural diversity of the country.  This Culture Quest will focus on South Africa’s linguistic history, the role of language in post-Apartheid South Africa, and the ways in which differences in language affect the culture as a whole.


CultreQuest Pages:

The Many Languages of South Africa

Linguistic Diversity: Does it unite or divide?

How does language affect culture and policy?




This CultureQuest was made by Josh Casson, Glynis, O'Leary, and Carlos Gonzalez... New York State Public School Teachers & students at Lehman College.

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Subject: The Languages of South Africa

Grade Level: 9-12

Number of Classsroom hours spent on the project:  5

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  • ELA Standards:
  • Standard 1: Language For Information & Understanding
  • Standard 2: Language for Literary Response & Expression
  • Standard 4: Language for Social Interaction

Social Studies:

  • Standard 2: World History
  • Standard 3: Geography


Standard  2: Information Systems


  • Standard 1: Language for Information & Understanding in English
  • Standard 2: Language for Literary Response & Expression in English
  • Standard 4: Language for Social Interaction in English
  • Standard 5: Culture

Students will be able to:

  • Access information on South Africa's culture relating to the country's many languages
  • Navigate a web page and glean information from it
  • Investigate other website links, introducing further information about South Africa
  • Interact with their peers and teachers using technology in the classroom
  • Understand diversity and history in South Africa
  • Demonstrate understanding of the different languages in South Africa


Basic Facts:

Current events:



 Students can learn about a culture they would not otherwise be exposed to.  Students will learn about the various languages spoken in South Africa and their influence on cultural diversity and national identity.  Throughout this process students will become more familiar with computers and internet usage.


 This CultureQuest can be used in conjunction with a unit on South African culture or South African history.


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