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Business Achievement Awards

The Business Achievement Awards (BAA) is an aggressive, self-directed, results-based business and leadership program designed to complement academics while accelerating a student's leadership skills. The awards focus on the words surrounding the FBLA crest: Service, Education, and Progress. There is a heavy emphasis on education with integrated classroom projects.
Annual Completion Deadline: March 1
Local, State & National Recognition - Four Levels:
1) Future Award - focuses on basic business skills, introduction to community servivce, and FBLA involvement at the local level.
2) Business Award - focuses on local and district/regional and state involvement; intermediate business skills; and leadership in the community.
3) Leader Award - focuses on local, district/regional, state and national involvement; advanced business skills; and community leadership.
4) America Award - focuses on total association leadership, busiess skills, and involvement in the community.