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    Brian and Jean Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue, Nazareth College of Rochester     
 and Fatìh University of Istanbul


Sacred Texts and Human Contexts:

A Symposium on Responses to Wealth and Poverty in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

June 9-10 2014


Fatìh University, Hadimkoy Road, Akçaburgaz area, Istanbul, Turkey

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been and still are the established religious traditions in significant nations of the world. How do these religious traditions respond to the demands for justice and equity in economic, social, and poliotical life articulated in their sacred scriptures? 

Keynote speakers:
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We encourage papers and panels that deal with the general theme of the symposium—the role of sacred texts in calling for justice, equity, and inclusion in human societies.
  • How do the religious traditions apply to current conditions their historic calls for justice, both in societies in which they are influential and in which they are minorities?
  • Are there important differences in the responses to these calls in societies that define themselves as secular, as opposed to those who espouse the centrality of one or more faith traditions?
  • What roles can faith communities play in enhancing the expansion of justice?
  • How can Judaism, Christianity, and Islam enhance their mutual understandings of these questions?

On the next page we suggest some questions conference participants might address. We invite you to submit other questions to this evolving list, either as parts of your proposals for a presentation or panel, or as questions you hope to see the symposium address. We encourage submissions from anthropologists, sociologists, economists, political scientists, and historians as well as scholars in religious studies.

The registration fee will include support for food, housing, and in-country transportation for xx participants from outside Turkey, including a three- to four-day tour of Istanbul and other sites in Turkey.

Below find links to pages describing more fully the topics we propose, the process for submitting proposed presentations and panels, details of registration, housing, and food options, a very preliminary schedule, descriptions of the sponsoring groups, and an account of what to see and do in Istanbul. The links also appear at the top of e

Planning Committee

The conference is administered by the Brian and Jean Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies in co-ordination with the Center for International Education, the College of Arts and Sciences,  the Department of Religious Studies, all at Nazareth College, and the Center for Interfaith Affairs of Peace Islands Institute.

Institutional partners include:  Catholic-Muslim Studies Program at Catholic Theological Union (Chicago),  Department of Religious Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, International Institute of Islamic Thought—the Fairfax Institute, Department of Theology of the University of Notre Dame,   Dialogue Institute at Temple University, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College, Department of Religion and Classics at the University of Rochester,  Department of Religious Studies at St. John Fisher College,The Department of Religion in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University, The Religion and Conflict Transformation Program of Boston University School of Theology, The  Parliament of  World's Religions, The Brennan Goldman Institute of Rochester..