Transforming you inside and out


 Weight loss without hunger & deprivation
 Willpower not required


Why your weight is not your fault
How changing your metabolic state – what to eat / when to eat – can
Reduce disease
Improve energy
Eliminate the need for drugs

Shamanic Journeying through weight loss brings


Amaze Yourself

Beginning end of January 2018/ time and day of week to be chosen by each group

Small groups of 4 to 5 people

10 evening classes

3 hours per night, every other week, for 5 months

Price $500 for the entire program - Payment arrangements can be a made

Facilitated by:

Karen Baxter - Shaman/Artist

Carol Thompson - Keto Coach /Homeopathic Practitioner

Register now to reserve a seat!

If you are interested the program but would prefer to have 

one-on-one sessions instead of with a group we offer that as well

Karen Baxter  306-955-6261

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