Doula Services
Doulas or childbirth assistants are trained and experienced labor support professionals who attend to the emotional and physical comfort needs of laboring women.  We may use massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, positioning suggestions, relaxation techniques, etc. to help labor progress as well as possible.  A doula joins a laboring woman either at her home or in the hospital or birth center and remains with her until a couple hours after the birth.  In addition to emotional, physical and informational support, the doula's role is to help women have a safe and empowering birthing experience.
Furthermore, I strongly believe that the partners' role and experience of birth is equally important.  Therefore, I work closely with partners to ensure that they are as involved in the experience as they wish to be and provide support that is unique to the partner.

Sacred Moments Doula Services include: Minimum of three (3) prenatal visits, continuous labor support, (2) postpartum follow-up visits including:
  • Establishing a relationship with the mother and family.
  • Extensive Birth Preparation Handouts  
  • Pre-natal visit(s) to prepare you for your labor, birth and newborn
  • Assistance with and preparation of a realistic and customized birth plan
  • Suggestions for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth
  • Alternative pain relief measures during labor
  • Breastfeeding preparation, information and support
  • Telephone support and advice throughout pregnancy and immediate postpartum
  • Alternative relief measures for morning sickness and other discomforts during pregnancy, labor and postpartum 
  • Education in choices in childbirth (setting, attendants, interventions, ect.)
  • Continuous, uninterrupted support throughout labor and birth and immediate postpartum
  • Labor and birth positioning suggestions for comfort and labor progress
  • Invoice for your insurance or flex spending reimbursement
  • Planning for the postpartum period.
  • Referral to other support providers when necessary (classes, support groups, midwives, doctors, Counselors, etc.)
  • Discussion of general well-being and health of mother and family unit.
  • Meeting the other birth attendants when possible.
  • Guaranteed backup doulas

Additional (Optional) Services Available:

  • Accompany you to childbirth classes along with or in place of the partner
  • Accompany you to classes in HypnoBirthing, HypnoBabies, Bradley Method, etc. along with or in place of the partner
  • Accompany you to meet with doctor or midwife
  • Additional Reiki Sessions

Doula services are provided on a sliding scale fee, therefore, please do not let finances rule out having a doula present at your birth. Clients have several payment plans to choose from, different payment options as well as the option to have a gift registry to help making having a doula as affordable as possible.