As a DONA Certified birth doula and a Reiki practitioner, I provide emotional and physical support to pregnant women and their families prior to and during childbirth. My goal is to support and educate women and their partners to enable them to have their most ideal birth, allowing them to have a truly empowering and sacred journey into parenthood.

I am passionate about alternative and complimentary healing modalities and have vast resources for families before, during, and after pregnancy.  This is balanced with having a strong background in biomedicine, anatomy and physiology and more than 15 years of experience being a strong advocate within medical settings.  This enables me to ensure that the birthing women I work with are education regarding their choices and have a voice during their journey into parenthood.

Prior to being a doula and working in holistic health, I obtained my Bachelor's in Bio-Pyschology from Union College and my Master's in Counseling from the College of Saint Rose. I have over a decade of experience working with children and families and am a strong advocate for holistic self care.