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Sacred Friends seeks to authentically engage fellow travelers in meaningful, life-changing interaction as we journey through this life together and to help connect them to Christ and each other.  
In the process, whether you're an every day person who cares about people, a professional counselor, or member of the clergy, we hope you will come away better equiped, encouraged, and empowered to navigate the messy waters of relationships. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, kick back, and relax while you browse our resources for buidling meaningful relationships, discipleship, spiritual formation, and biblical counseling. Be sure to check out our Blog, Points to Ponder, Recommended Reading Lists, and Links to other useful ministries. Check back often as we update and add to the site.
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Life Now Ministries Benefits from Sale of Sacred Friendships
Sacred Friendships co-author, Susan Ellis, has announced that 100% of the profits from the sale of Sacred Friendships that are purchased through this site or directly from her will be donated to Life Now Ministries. The premise of this ministry is that because the death and resurrection of Christ completely takes care of the sin problem, we can choose life at anytime. This life is not just heaven later, but life now, life more abundant, life to the fullest.
Pastor Bob Perdue is the founder of Life Now Ministries and has written a book, Ten Life Choices, that is used both for discipleship and recovery ministry in the churches around the world and also in prison ministries across the country. Click here for more information about Life Now.



Sacred Friendships Now Available



Sacred Friendships: Celebrating the Legacy of Women Heroes of the Faith is now available. Dr. Bob Kellemen and Susan Ellis glean timeless wisdom from the lives of over 45 women who understood the art of biblical counseling and spiritual direction. Join them as they explore how today's men and women can grow in grace as they taste the compassionate discernment and bold love demonstrated by these women of yesteryear.

Sacred Friendships is for men and women who minister to hurting and hardened people, whether it's in a formal setting, such as a counseling room, or informally with a friend and a cup of coffee.

High praise for Sacred Friendships

    “Dr. Robert Kellemen and Susan Ellis have done a masterful job bringing together here a wonderful anthology of the stories and voices of Christian women throughout the history of the church. They steer a robust course between feminist misreadings on the one hand and irresponsible neglect on the other. A superb presentation!”
Timothy George, Ph.D., Founding Dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University, Senior Editor, Christianity Today

    “An inspiring read! I am wowed by these gutsy, practical, courageous and compassionate women of God. Thank you for allowing me to see real women “live Jesus” in each century, caring for and guiding women and men in their sphere of influence. As I walked this women’s Hall of Faith it has freed me to more fully minister to others from my God-empowered woman’s heart, doing my part to accomplish His purposes. 
    "The entire book was totally applicable to my daily ministry among Internationals, women, and church staff. It is incredibly expansive in scope and insightful in viewing how God has designed and is using women to further His Kingdom. I have and will be encouraging all to read it.”
Dr. Julie Stoll, Director of Cross-Cultural Ministries and World Missions, McLean Bible Church, McLean, VA

    “Dr. Bob Kellemen and Susan Ellis, in their compelling work, Sacred Friendships, provide a voice for the voiceless. Like never before, they tell “her story”—the story of our great female forbears in the faith. As they tell it, and as we listen, we do not simply learn historical facts; they empower and equip us to practice soul care and spiritual direction today. 
    "By the way, please do not assume that Sacred Friendships is for women only! Nothing could be further from the truth. Sacred Friendships is a gift from women of the past to women and men of the present—a gift that teaches all of us how to use Christ’s changeless truth to change lives in our ever-changing times.”
Julie Clinton, President and Host of Extraordinary Women Conferences

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