Sacred Circle Dance 
in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA   with  Tarleton 


   828 - 699 - 0240                                                
Circle Dances are held twice monthly on Saturdays or Sundays 
at beautiful TIGG's Pond Retreat Center  in Zirconia, NC  or Brevard Yoga.
Beginners are welcome. New people join every time.
No previous dance experience or partner necessary.

The Circle  is probably the oldest known dance formation on earth. 
n traditional societies,  people used music 
and dance to experience the sacred. 
They brought the rhythms of the natural world into their 
bodies, hearts and minds 
brought them to life in dance.

 Circle Dance rediscovers  these ancient dance traditions, bringing us together to share  life and  encounter  the  sacred through  movement.  
Evidence suggests that  circle dance arose in the Neolithic era dating to about 9500 BCE.

My dances normally last 2 hours. I like to begin and end on time. Afterward sometimes we visit and share food.

While I sincerely support free speech,  the circle dance is a politic free zone. Thank God.

Each dance is taught first, the steps are simple and easy to learn. The dances are based on traditional dance steps from all over the world. We start out slowly, then progress to more challenging and vigorous dances. All moves can be modified. There are "no mistakes"  just modifications.
At last we slow down again and end with more quiet meditative dances. 

Silence is held for a few moments after each dance and helps us  stay out of our heads. And in the silence, God can be heard.
Talking is unnecessary, laughing is good, singing is great, having a uniquely wonderful time is what we're after. 
Circle dances most appropriate for adults but   Mature children are welcome. Dress in comfortable clothing, layers are good, shoes are fine.  
I hope to see you in the dance!





2017  Summer Circle Dances   to be announced ...stay tuned!

no dance in August



last dance...     

Sunday   May 21   5:50 - 7:30   at Tigg's    

*Tigg's Pond Retreat Center   

212 Fiddlehead Lane    Zirconia, NC 28790    


photos of Tigg's Pond by Joyce Pearsall                                                                                                                                                  
 Directions to Tigg's:
 35 miles south of Asheville, near Flat Rock and Hendersonville, NC
  from I-26 , Exit 54 onto 25 South toward Greenville, SC
 Take Exit 3, Right on Green River Rd,   Right on Old Mt Olivet Rd,   Left on Fiddlehead Lane
 Follow signs to Tiggs

 RSVP: TarletonBrooks@gmail.com      828-699-0240    
 Bring friends       Beginners are welcome!    cost: $10       
 December Winter Solstice dances: $15

What is Circle Dance?

  Sacred Circle Dance is not "for show". It is done together as a group and  everyone is doing the same steps 
so no one is watching. It is a combination of 
sacred and traditional dance, mainly from European and American sources. A growing collection of traditional as well as modern choreography work on many levels 
to connect people  through celebration and devotion.  
It is a spiritual practice that has the power to transform and heal.    
Here's what we do: We gather together in a circle. No experience is necessary and one does not need a partner. 
  Each dance is first taught; the steps are simple and easy to learn. Some dances are slow and deep, 
  others are vigorous and even ecstatic. 
The moves are  symbolic and  intentional. Moving rhythmically together                       is in a circle is relaxing 
and at the same time energizing.  M
usic varies from classic to contemporary.  
                                                                            Every tune is uniquely beautiful and takes your heart for a ride.
Circle dance is moving meditation and prayer. 

A Brief History
Sacred Dance was created  by Bernhard Wosien, 1906~1986; a German ballet master, choreographer, teacher and artist who had a passion for traditional 
European dance. Wosien wanted to bring dance to every one
He presented his beloved danceform at Findhorn, Scotland in 1976, where it is still taught and practiced today. Now groups are Circle dancing throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, South America and the USA. Wosien felt that dance was a spiritual experience when practiced with awareness 
and intention, and that the symbolic moves and gestures affect us deep within, leaving us  feeling cleansed, connected and filled with spirit.

Wosien said, 'What I have realized after a lifetime of dance is that dance is meditation in movement, 
a walking into silence where every movement becomes prayer.'
In dance, we easily stay in the present moment
'The body of the dancing circle is a metaphor for the dancers body.
In both there is movement around stillness...The centre of the circle is... 

a still place, and this too is mirrored in the individual dancer; this is the small quiet  
place within which everything is known and understood, where opposites are 
brought into oneness, where personal truth and integrity reside,where the 
essence and the blueprint of the fully awakened Self connects with the physical 
body.'... It is from this centre point that we dance; it is the wellspring 
of our life here...' ~June Watts , from her book Circle Dancing


*Great sites for circle dance
June Watts:  http://www.junewatts.com/
Circle Dance Network,  http://www.circledancenetwork.org.uk/index.html
Evelyn Beck in DC area, USA   https://sites.google.com/site/circledancedcmetroarea
Kevin Meyers, Knoxville, TN  USA  http://www.inthedance.com/  
Stefan & Bethan Freedman, UK  http://www.worldance.org/  
Laura Shannon, Findhorn & Greece  http://www.laurashannon.net

Tarleton Reynolds Brooks 

My late father was an officer in the US Navy where he served 4 years in Japan.  Having fulfilled his military service, Dad and Mom moved the family to the Asheville area in NC,  Dad's hometown.  It was and still is the perfect place to live.               

I studied  art at several schools round the country, I worked as a family-comedy-magic show entertainer,  as a fine artist, and finally as karate practitioner/teacher for many years. The discipline and focus of karate practice changed my life in the best way, and laid the foundation for good things to come.
Our children had left home, so a group of empty-nester-mother-artist and healer-friends started getting together to dance. We affectionately called ourselves The Dancing Circle. We just rocked to our favorite music. Before we knew it, we had created a sacred circle of friendship.
I discovered Sacred Circle Dance through a book,  Circle Dancing, by June Watts, a dancer, teacher and author from England, now living in Spain. It was for me, a turning point. I discovered that June was to lead a Winter Solstice dance weekend in Canada and  I  would  be  there, blizzard and all! 
The  experience was so deeply moving, I decided it was my path.
Following that initial weekend with Ms Watts and the lovely Canadians, I sought to learn as much as possible in Massachusetts with Shaker of Touchstone,  Ellen Kennedy , Rowan Scott  and others. Our Dancing Circle women quickly fell in love with circle dancing. We danced every Sunday in our Karate Dojo Space. As a sacred circle, we grew even closer. 
They still dance together monthly.
What I love about Circle Dance is that I become completely present with the Holy Spirit. 
I have always enjoyed dancing for fun, celebration, exercise, theater. But what I really longed for was a connectedness with God and my spiritual friends through music and music.  Inspired dance. In-Spirit dance. In the quiet spaces between the notes, God gets to be heard.
 Light a candle, add beautiful music in sacred time and space ... magic dance with the sweetest people on the planet ~what's not to love?
 I also wanted to be more present with the natural world... the cycles, the seasons, the Earth, and the Sun, the Moon, Stars and all living creatures. We dance all these things.
 What I have find in Circle Dance is all that and more.  A feeling of blessed Peace; a glowing illumination.
 Similar to martial arts practice, Circle Dance provides a focused way to move and direct energy and to connect with the group without saying a word.  

 The Dance now informs my art. Painting very large round mandala-like, center-piece floor cloths for the dances, these "Dancing Circles" illustrate the "things" we dance.
These dancing circle floor cloths are for sale.
 I have been very blessed in my life. God has been good ro me and my family. When I'm not dancing I spend as much time as possible out of doors, gardening, walking the woods, and hiking these enchanted mountains...  
 living   and    loving    each    and    every    moment   of    every   day.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tarleton with Lovey Dove & Boo   


What  Circle  Dance  Can  Do  for  You
Quiet your mind
Move your body  
Lift your spirit
Improve mental focus
Be in the present moment
Celebrate the day, the night, the season...
Dance  Sing  Laugh!
Learn something old, something new
Enjoy a variety of great music and dances
Do something good for yourself  
Be kind to yourself and others

Spend time in spiritual practice
Connect with people without talking
Talk with God

Get a great workout though you may not be aware you are working very hard.
Leave feeling relaxed, cleansed, energized
Sleep better at night
Send healing thoughts and energy out into the world
Dance you prayers
Dance for those who cannot

Every dance is a blessing.

cost: $10 ~ $15/dancer ~depending on the event

 Testimonial     " I can't thank you enough for opening your heart, for making such a sacred space for a wonderful community of women, and for sharing your love of dance and spirit. 
 I will always hold those special times in my heart and feel   so blessed to have been a part of them...even for such a short time.
 Namaste...I honor the special  light  within you.  .... thank you for opening another doorway for me...I was so hungry for this. The focused movement in a circle of women (along with the silence afterward) allowed me            
 another way to access my spiritual side. No matter how I feel before I start dancing, I always feel at peace and  filled  afterward.
 xxoo Diana




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