Creativity Interviews

Artist Ned Kahn

Ned Kahn on Creativity

To view our interview with Ned click on the link below.
Creativity takes time...lots of time. It also means giving your mind the mental space to meander.

Andy Berliner

Andy Berliner on Creativity

Our interview with Andy Berliner revealed some interesting patterns.  Like Ned, he believes that creativity is innate, but can be reinforced with practice and encouraged with learning.  My favorite aspect of this video is Andy's commitment and passion about collaborating.  I think, from interpreting this video, that he would definitely say that he could never do what he does and be so successful without a team of talented creative thinkers working with him.

Entrepreneur, Designer and Teacher David Kelley, Founder and Chairman of IDEO

David Kelley Interview

Highlights from this video include the definition of creativity vs. innovation, failure as a way of learning ,celebrating the spectacular failures and successes, rewarding wild ideas, feedback vs. assessment, and viral distribution of ideas.

Author and Travel Expert  Marybeth Bond

Interview with Marybeth Bond

Marybeth has traveled all over the world both on her own and as the leader of adventure travel expeditions.  Her "Gutsy Women" series of books document the experiences of women throughout their own adventures.  Here, Marybeth discusses the personal side of creativity, not as an academic idea, but something found within oneself.