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Robots in the Classroom?

South Korea: Robot Teachers Rolling Out in 2012

After just a few months of trials, South Korea plans to go ahead with robotic teaching assistants (dubbed “R-Learning”) nationwide.  The government will invest 1 billion KRW ($8.69 million USD) in 2011 to expand the system to 500 preschools, with funding growing to a planned 40 billion KRW ($36 million USD) in 2012.  By 2013 the system will be used in 8000 early childhood education centers (preschool and kindergarten).  If after 2 years the system yields positive results it could be rolled out in elementary schools as well.  The system’s curriculum can be modified to suit the classroom, such as reciting original stories.  Parents can connect to the robot in their child’s classroom to exchange messages and check on their child’s progress.  KIST (Korea Institute of Science & Technology) says there’s an international market for R-Learning, with plans to export it overseas beginning with developing nations.

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[source: etnews (KR)]