Rethinking the Library: A Design Thinking Project

As a result of taking Stanford's mini design thinking workshop, Hillary did a relevant design thinking project with her advanced art class: Rethinking SA's Library space. The challenge: We have a large space that was designated as a library but is in the process of morphing into something else. This is a challenge that all libraries face today as most students get their information from the internet. What should the space be used for? How can we make it a hub for knowledge and creative expression? We have a disparate array of books, an audio cafe and a messy hangout space. We need a quiet place for research and study as well as a place to make and record music, Podcasts and make movies. The first step of the process was to brainstorm. Then students went out and interviewed fellow students, staff and faculty on their desires for the space.

After taking the interviews, students created rapid 5-minute prototypes which incorporated what they had gleaned from the interviews and their ideas. After a critique the final step was to build a more elaborate prototype which we hope will inspire potential donors to make it all happen! To view the whole process, click on the link below.

Hillary Younglove,
Jun 10, 2010, 3:27 PM