The members of Spyder Ryder of America – Sacramento Chapter welcome all responsible motorcycle enthusiasts and all makes of motorcycles to ride with us; however, membership is only open to owners, perspective owners, and 2-up Ryders of a Can-AM Spyder or Ryker. To be an Active or Associate Member you must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid California drivers license (California and Delaware only require a drivers license, Washington requires trike/sidecar endorsement, and all other states require a motorcycle license), current insurance, and operate (or ride 2-up with a member) a Spyder/motorcycle on the majority of the chapter outings to retain voting privileges (note: only Active members can vote).  We welcome all applicants for membership, as long as they meet the above criteria. Our chapter remains active in sponsoring, co-sponsoring and participating in various charity and benefit events throughout Northern California. 

This chapter is dedicated to Spyder Ryders in the Northern California-Sacramento Area. If you are a Can-Am Spyder Ryder or Spyder enthusiast that enjoys ryding with other Spyder owners, and are seeking new adventures, then we are what you have been looking for. 

By joining Spyder Ryder of America™ members will have access to all group rides, events, and rallies. Members will have access  Spyder Ryder of America™ Facebook page and all regional chapters  as well as our Meetup page. So join today to find other like-minded Spyder and Ryker owners and let the ryding begin!  

Please  complete the form below.  Once you submit the application you will see a link to pay your dues through PayPal.

Did you miss the PayPal link after you submitted your application? No fear you can pay your dues by clicking here too!

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