Semantic Annotation for Computational Linguistic Resources

a workshop being held in conjunction with

Stanford University
Palo Alto, California, USA
September 18-21, 2011

The aim of this workshop is to attract experts from the many diverse communities working on the semantic annotation or representation of linguistic information, as expressed in text, speech, video, graphics, images, and as this relates to semantic information presented in multiple modalities. Semantic annotations refer to the metadata markup of times, locations, countries, events, other named entities, as well
as relations such as semantic roles and co-reference links.  Hence, one goal is to integrate the findings and tools from computational linguistics and the corpus annotation sciences with the community from information retrieval working on metadata tagging and semantic annotation.  The main focus of the workshop will be on sharing information, techniques, annotation environments, and discussion of interoperable formats and standardization of content markup.

Topics will include:
  • methodological aspects of semantic annotation
  • experiments in or with semantic annotation
  • semantic annotation and semantic interpretation
  • semantic annotation, ontologies, and inferencing
  • the semantics of semantic annotations
  • issues in semantic annotation for question answering
  • semantic annotation tools and environments
  • annotation in the service of data mining
  • temporal entities and relations
  • spatial entities and relations
  • event and process annotation
  • semantic roles and predicate-argument structures
  • discourse relations
This one-day workshop complements the main conference themes by focusing on natural language processing, semantic annotation, metadata specifications, and applications in data mining, information retrieval, question answering systems, and other language based applied systems.


June 17rd, 2011: Regular & Short Paper Submission (EXTENDED DEADLINE)
June 23th, 2011: Notification Date
July 15th, 2011: Camera-Ready & Registration